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The Maryland Assembly is in session!!!  Cycling laws are on the agenda! 

 Follow the Bike Maryland Legislative Agenda – the Maryland General Assembly 2012 session is in full swing now (it is only 90 days long): Agenda  


Attend the Bike Maryland Annual Bicycle Symposium. This free day-long event, taking place on February 22, 2012, includes presentations by over 15 experts on topics such as Bikeshare, enhanced infrastructure, new funding programs and more.  Look at the flyer here  
Carol Silldorff, February 6, 2012 

The Civil War Century 2009


Start thinking about the open road! The BBC will be hosting another Civil War Century this fall.  The fall is getting closer. The warm weather cycling season is almost upon us.

Youtube full size version here

Georgia Glashauser, February 8, 2012


 Where is this? 


Where is this?  Click on the image for a better view.

The answers go in the forum.

Steve Zeldin, February 6, 2012 

BBC Liability Insurance 


 We've got you covered!

BBC Liability Insurance protects you from lawsuits as a rider or a ride leader. Our medical policy offers you medical coverage when your policy does not.

See Membership Benefits.

Membership has benefits!

Bruce Galanter, BBC Treasurer, February 10, 2012


BBC License Plates 

Did you even know you could get a BBC license plate?  Well you can. Go here for details on how to get one.  

Georgia Glashauser, President BBC, February 12, 2012


Another mystery photo by Steve!!!   Where is this?


Where is this? Click on the image for a better view.
Go to the forum for the full story--and for the full details of the contest. You must place your answer in the forum--and this time there is a STUPENDOUS prize!!! (Real dough. No Joking!) 

Steve Zeldin, February 13, 2012

February's Rando Ramble--The Circumnavigation of Baltimore!!

  Nine Riders left from Fells Point on  a day of uncertain weather.  Their goal was to encircle the city.  Their route was 102 miles. Read the full report!   Look at the route!   
Bob Wagner/Dave Hopkins February 18, 2012