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Where are we now?


This next contest is a little easier. Of course it helps if you are not always looking at the wheel in front of you.

Check it out, and let's not be so shy about entering this contest. Details and the new prize are in the forum

 Steve Zeldin, February 20, 2012


From the Archives: The Hunt Valley Hundred 1997


This is the cue sheet for the 1997 Hunt Valley 100. Look at the roads it goes on.  How much has changed since then? How much is the same? Bob Wagner pointed me to the old Yahoo archive; I found this and other treasures there.   The old archive is still existent!! It is the Yahoo group: BBCTALK.  If you want access to this old history, post something in the forum.  

I think this 1997 cue sheet is probably the oldest still around.... (Think you have an older one? Post it--jpeg or pdf--in the Ride Reports Forum. I will put the oldest posted to the forum on the front page of the web site.)

 Ed Hopkins and Bob Wagner, February 23, 2012


Team BBC Kit order.  Get your jersey now or wait until next year!

 We are preparing a kit order for the racing team.  (Click on the image on the left to see what it looks like.)  Order your jersey now by using this link. Anyone can order and wear these jerseys. You do not have to be on the race team.  You have 10 to 15 days to place your order for this year.
 Aaron Mongeau, February 25, 2012


Where are we now?  The photo contest continues...

 Where can you see this great view from?  Click on the image for a large view of this great valley.  Look for the story behind this post and a description of this weeks prize in the forum.  You must place your entry in the forum to be considered for the prize.. 
 Steve Zeldin, February 29, 2012


Ten Mile Bike Race from Halstead's Hotel to Nine Mile House


That bicycling has taken a strong hold on Baltimoreans and is growing in popular favor was strikingly attested by the large attendance yesterday at Halstead's on the Pimlico road, to witness the beginning and the conclusion of the impromptu ten-mile bicycle race. The road through Druid Hill park was, at 9 o'clock in the morning, thronged with cyclists and vehicles, all hurrying to Halstead's.

Baltimore Sun,November 27, 1891

Bob Wagner, March 2, 2012



Where are we now? Why did the chicken cross the road?


This weeks photo was submitted by Tom Valenti. The story behind this submission and the description of the prize and how to win are in the forum. Remember the winner is chosen at random and points are awarded for "good pulls".  What is a "good pull" in this context?  For the "context" of the chicken photo, click on the small image on the left.

Steve Zeldin, March 9, 2012


Maryland General Assembly Ends in Three Weeks!!! Take action now!! Your voice does matter!! 


Click here to take action to support House Bill 1397 that will strengthen the "3 foot passing law.

Click here to support a bill to require Maryland public institutions of higher education to address bicycle access on public campuses. (Senate Bill 977)

Click here to oppose changes to the current Criminally Negligent Manslaughter law. (Senate Bill 942 and House Bill 1405)

For more information on what Bike Maryland is supporting and opposing, click here.   

Carol Silldorff, March 21, 2012