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BBC 2015 Annual Awards Celebration

The Annual Awards Event was held at Oregon Ridge Lodge on November 21, 2015. This event honors our dedicated volunteers who make the BBC the great club it is. The ambiance of a cozy fire in a rustic ski lodge, combined with a delicious dinner, added a festive touch to the evening. Please see the Awards Program for names of recognized club members, and don't miss the photos of the celebration captured by Gloria Epstein. 


2015 Union Mills Rides and Corn Roast

This year's Union Mills riders were treated to weather that was much better than expected for a summer day in August with low humidity, some cloud cover and temps in the low 80’s. 135 cyclists signed in to ride one of 4 hilly routes. For more pictures and details, see Gloria Epstein's ride report.


Lessons from the Long Road


"Like life, riding an average of 150 miles a day is an adventure: each day brings its own challenges. The external obstacles are immovable and uncaring (mountains and headwinds are like traffic; getting upset does you no good). The internal obstacles are tougher: pain, boredom, anxiety, confusion, discouragement, irritation, distraction. Sometimes, you ride with friends; sometimes, you must ride alone. You must decide how to spend your energy; how to save it, how to recover it. Tomorrow, you ride again." For more insight on surviving a long ride, check out Greg Conderacci's article describing his recent ride across the United States.


2015 Instructional Ride Series

The 2015 Instructional Ride Series ended on July 19 with a hands-on repair and maintenance clinic.  The energy and engagement of the class this year was fantastic.  We are calling 2015 our “reunion class” since many riders from previous years came back to build on their skills and to see old friends.  This is a great sign that what we have been promoting has enabled others to become committed cyclists.   Over 90 people were in our e-mail list (slightly down from last year) with about 40+ showing up for the orientation at Towson University.  We averaged 30 riders during the early weeks of flatter terrain and had about 15 riders when we reached the hills of Jacksonville. For the final Fort Howard ride (a flat ride once again!), our rider numbers went up.

Many of the riders have kept in touch and will continue to ride together on their own and on BBC rides. Our riders achieved many goals: learning to shift efficienty, safe riding in traffic, riding in groups and extending their distance and improving hill climbing technique to name a few. We were very excited to see some of our riders attending the club picnic; the rides were perfectly designed for our groups.

Many thanks to our volunteers - Bob Carson, Mike Davis, Frank and Mary Jo Kuhn, Don Culp and Linda Peltz who helped out and provided a consistent blend of instruction and encouragement on the rides.

For questions or information about next year's Instructional Ride Series, please email Godon Peltz at to be placed on our 2016 e-mail address list. Here are some photographs of some of our “satisfied customers.” 




Greencastle Great Escape

The first Greencastle Great Escape drew 15 registered participants plus seven more who drove up from Baltimore, and all agreed it was a great weekend. For a full report and more pictures, see Phil Manger's article.


2015 Kent County Spring Fling

Kent County Spring Fling was held at Washington College in Chestertown, MD. We had bright and sunny weather everyday. Riders had a choice of 30 rides varying from 11 miles to 109 miles. We had 244 participants including several tandem and recumbent riders. Rides went to Rock Hall, C & D Canal, Tuckahoe State Park, and Centreville, but Spring Fling is not just about great rides. Riders love the great food and events such as the Ice Cream Social, Cordial and Dessert Party; Blue Grass music and square dancing; the informal happy hours; plus the chance to take part in the Tea Party Festivities in town. Riders and participants can watch reinactments of the Colonials attacking a British ship and throwing tea overboard as well as a parade and raft race. Select this link for more photos from 2015 Spring Fling. Registration for Kent County Spring Fling 2016 will open on Jan. 1, 2016.    

Follow Greg Conderacci's Two-Week Tour


Beginning May 17, 2015, BBC member Greg Conderacci will be riding Elite PACTour, which boasts it’s “the toughest two-week tour in the world.”  For riders who’ve always dreamed about riding across the country but never had the time, this coast-to-coast dash takes only 18 days. Greg will be blogging about his preparation for the journey and plans to blog from the ride as well. He will be using the ride to raise money for Our Daily Bread. To find out more, see Greg's articleGreg as plnpGreg will be blogging about my preparation for the ride as well as blogging from the ride.  So, for sadistic BBC members who like to watch others suffer, the link will be: will be blogging about my preparation for the ride as well as blogging from the ride.  So, for sadistic BBC members who like to watch others suffer, the link will be: will be blogging about my preparation for the ride as well as blogging from the ride.  So, for sadistic BBC members who like to watch others suffer, the link will be: