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Ride Title:
Friends Creek into the Hornet's Nest
All Pace Long
Ride Date:
Saturday, Aug 13, 9:15am - 2:45pm
51 miles
Leaders Pace:
13 mph
Ride Terrain:
Rolling With Hills
Rest stops:
Weather Cancellation:
Ride Leader:
Mark Tabb
(443) 764-7172
Tcx url:

I believe this is Walt & Carol Russell's ride.

There are 2 hilly sections. The first goes up Eylers Valley and the second one up Friends Creek (0.9 miles @ 10%). The remainder of the ride is flat to rolling with an occassional average type hill.

Looks like perfect weather-low humidity and 82 degrees.

I will be riding with Jennifer at a 12 pace (maybe 13?),  All paces are welcome.

We will be stopping at the Sheets at mile 25 in Thurmont and an optional Subway or store at mile 40 in Emmitsburg. 

bowmandj Looking forward to this ride - thanks to Mark for leading. The hilliest part is a bit much for me so I will skip it, taking Kelbaugh and Annandale Rd from Thurmont to Emmitsburg instead. This is my modified route if anyone would like to join me -- 45 miles total, I average 12 mph -- https://ridewithgps.com/routes/40561165
Thanks, Debby

7 weeks ago
Steve Hey, there are 2 miles of unpaved road from mile 32.4 to 34.4 on this route.
7 weeks ago
marktabb@yahoo.com Packed dirt-never has been an issue in the past
7 weeks ago
lkenney Google street view shows the section as paved - I may submit a comment to RWGPS after the ride. Also noting this (or a very similar route) is in the club library as https://ridewithgps.com/routes/35463532
7 weeks ago
marktabb@yahoo.com Do not take Shoemaker on the similar route. It is stones and gravel. That is why the listed gps route was posted.
7 weeks ago
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