Ride leaders should use the Ride Changes Forum as well as put "Cancelled" on the ride calendar when cancelling a ride due to foul weather. Cancelled rides will count towards a member's total rides led for that year. 

Ride deletions are used when a ride leader cannot lead a ride for reasons other than foul weather or if the ride leader wishes to exchange one ride for another on the same day. If a ride leader cannot lead a ride because of health or other personal reasons, he/she should attempt to find a "ride saver" to lead the ride before deleting the ride. Both the original ride leader and the ride saver will get credit for leading the ride; both names will need to be in the ride leader field to receive credit. Deleted rides will not count towards the member's total rides led count.

Posting rides in more than one ride category:

Ride leaders desiring to attract riders from more than one ride category to their ride, should use one of the All Pace categories instead of posting in two separate categories.