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Sep-17-14 09:32 am
Warning and Feedback on the Conover Road Bridge
Forum: Road Problems

Sorry to hear about the injuries to you and your partner have suffered.  I have not crashed on this bridge, but am aware how dangderous it is.  I was cycling on Harney Road earlier this year traveling east and knew I needed to walk the bridge.  This is easier to spot than traveling to the west which as Greg noted above has a steep  and curved descent which make it extremely dangerous.  Walking it is also scary.

The bridge as configured needs warning signs on each side warning cyclists of the danger involved in crossing.

This is a terrible bridge for cyclists and probably runners.

Feb-18-13 10:38 am
Questions about access to Baltimore airport and nearby bike shops
Category: Social

I rode the tow path from Williamsport, MD to Georgetown ( about 100 miles)about 7 ~ 10 years ago. I rode a Surly Crosscheck with tires that I think are 700*32 (maybe 700*35) pumped to 90 pounds.  There were several sections where a mountian bike would have been more comfortable.  If I was doing it again I would use mountain bike.  However, if I rode the Surly again I would try to lower tire pressure by about 15~20 pounds or install a suspension seat post.

I cannot comment on diverting from the tow path, but others here probably can.

I live in Catonsville which is about 10 minutes from BWI airport.  There is a bike shop in Catonsville that recently opened which is also close to the airport.  I cannot comment on how good they are, but since they are new they are probably trying hard to be successful which means offering a group like yours the help that you need.    The shop is in the 21228 zip code, I do not recall the name.

Jan-23-13 09:19 am
I am trying to find out if presta or schrader valve stems matter?
Category: Social

I appreciate endorsements of products, retailers and service providers offered by others.  It can  provide readers with a benefit from what others have learned.  I am also willing to share my experience, but will be much more careful in wording any messages that I post here.  I am independent of anyone in the bicycle business.

As an aside about naming bike shops, etc. there was a message on here a month or so ago about yoga studios that mentioned at least one studio by its name.  As I get older I am not as flexible and yoga seems to be an option to help with the stretching needed.  The yoga studio message was particularly helpful because it mentioned a yoga studio that is close to my home and it gave the studio positive feedback.

Jan-22-13 01:41 pm
I am trying to find out if presta or schrader valve stems matter?
Category: Social

Agree w/Ed about pump bran "L".  Have used a bunch of different floor, frame and mini pumps over the years.  "L" may not be cheap, but the floor and mini pumps by them have worked really good for me so far.

Agree with Stuart & Ed about tubes.  I tend to go to the a local bike store when they have a sale and pick up a handful of tubes.  These are the chain's brand and they have worked fine for me.

As far as flats go I think the tire is important.  I bought sale "Race" tires for about $20 each a while ago and in one 30 mile ride had a couple flats.  The tires are soft (racing I guess) and have no flat protection.  I changed to "puncture resistant" tires for about $45 each and have been happy.  The only other flat issue I recall is some valve cutouts in the rims are drilled poorly (too big a hole or too sharp an endge) and the tube has gradually formed a leak around the valve stem.  I tend to use extra rim strip , etc. when this has happened (or retire the rim).

Happy Happy Pain Pain

Rode the tandem with my wife and enjoyed the ride, but worked hard on the return from Assateaque as there seemed to be a headwind the entire 40 miles back to Salisbury.  Saw one BBC'r, Craig Martin at Assateaque, but sure there were many more.  Saw lots of interesting bikes including a recumbent tandem with one rider facing forward and the other facing backwards.  Took a little adventure that Mark Tabb likes to do and got off the route in Berlin.  This permitted us a nice sit down lunch at The Globe, and to see a car show on the streets of Berlin.  Many cars including a supercharged Auburn and a gigantic 1927 Lincoln that was probably the first mini van as it had three rows of seats.  The Berlin stop was nice breaking up the windy return trip.  One flat tire, but not bad considering the tires are 12 years old (which were replaced after the ride at the expo).  Another really nice day!

I will be in Martinsburg, WV this coming FR ~ SU and would like to get in a couple rides.  I have a cue sheet for a metric from the Western Maryland Wheelmen/Grouseland Tours which I will probably do on Friday as it is within an hour of Martinsburg and have wanted to do the metric for a couple years as it supposedly has some nice climbs. 

I am lookung for a ride of 35~50 miles for Saturday that starts close to Martinsburg.  If anyone has a cuesheet please send it to my e-mail address feltb2atyahoodotcom. 


Saw the website for this ride, but there was not a lot of activity so I passed. I decided to do a flat century in Easton which was well attended, nicely marked and really windy.  With the description of your ride I'll try to do it next year.  I remember Green Road from scouting the Indian Steps ride many years ago, I liked it!  Thanks!

Aug-16-12 04:48 pm
BBC - Who is going?
Category: Social

If this is the 9/8/12 ride in Dover, DE I have not ridden it before, but am considering it this year.  I would be doing the CWC, but I rode it in June and registration is closed  I am also interested in feedback from other that have ridden it before.

Aug-09-12 06:19 pm
Cumberland Valley (Boonsboro) or Eat a Peach (Westminster)

Kind of what I remember about the CV century from a couple years ago.  Might opt now for the Ride for Sight in Galena, MD on the eastern shore. Rode it last year and was actually pretty impressed as I did not think I would like Kent County.  The terrain was mildly rolling at times, the route went through a couple pretty towns, Rock Hall and Chestertown, and the century was a big loop.  Will wait to see what the weather holds as there is a slightly higher chance of rain on the eastern shore for Saturday per TWC.

Aug-08-12 03:58 pm
Cumberland Valley (Boonsboro) or Eat a Peach (Westminster)

Rode the CV century two years ago and thought it was fair.  Tend to dislike century rides that loop back through the starting area.  Have not ridden the Peach which is closer to home, but it also is a couple of small loops.  In addition, based on the map it looks like a lot of the Peach's longer loop is on Route 27.  I am leaning towards the CV this weekend.

Has anyone done the Peach?

Note: the description I added does not appear.  I am asking about the Cumberland Valley century in Boonsboro vs. the Eat a Peach Ride in Westminster.

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