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Don't just ride your bike:  do something with it!!!

 Maryland Art Place is developing an exhibition centered on the relation between people and their bikes.  Go here for the details of this.  This is a chance to do something interesting with one of those many old bikes sitting in your garage or basement or living room. Click the image to the left for another art bike. For the original photography and attribution go here for the small one and here for the large one. 
 Dottie Campbell, April 13, 2012


The Tuesday Night Time Trial:  Starts Tonight!! Stop watching videos: ride, ride, ride!!!!


This is the Tuesday night time trial.  This is a handle-bar view of the entire route--and some great music. See the full size Youtube version here.  

For more information on the Time Trail go here

Get out there tonight and put your slowest time of the year down in the record. After tonight you will be able to watch your performance go up and up and up!! Remember: you only are competing with yourself!

Aaron Mongeau, April 13, 2012


Riding with Bud down by the Back and Middle Rivers...


Last Monday I rode my bike through the trailing end of rush hour traffic to Hyde Park to check out what Bud Lippert has been doing for many years now, leading other riders through the maze of roads around the waters edge of the northern Cheasapeake.

It was windy, but pleasant when I arrived at the start. Assembled there was a diverse group of 10-15 riders, mostly women, on a variety of road, hybrid, mountain and recumbent bikes... Report continued here. Click on small image for larger view. More pictures here.

 Bob Wagner, March 26, 2012


Chickens everywhere!!  Where is this one and what road is he about to cross? The contest continues....

For the combined ride report and contest rules, go to the entry in the Forum. Remember only contest entries posted in the forum are eligible for the big prize!!  (To see the chicken related riders click on the image on the left.)

(Ride leaders and riders: The front page is crying out for ride reports and ride advertisements!  Post your report or ride advertisement in the forum--with an enticing picture!--and email the front page editor ( asking for front page placement.  Bribes are, of course, welcome.) 

 Steve Zeldin, March 27, 2012


Maryland General Assembly Ends in Three Weeks!!! Take action now!! Your voice does matter!! 


Click here to take action to support House Bill 1397 that will strengthen the "3 foot passing law.

Click here to support a bill to require Maryland public institutions of higher education to address bicycle access on public campuses. (Senate Bill 977)

Click here to oppose changes to the current Criminally Negligent Manslaughter law. (Senate Bill 942 and House Bill 1405)

For more information on what Bike Maryland is supporting and opposing, click here.   

Carol Silldorff, March 21, 2012 


Where are we now? Why did the chicken cross the road?


This weeks photo was submitted by Tom Valenti. The story behind this submission and the description of the prize and how to win are in the forum. Remember the winner is chosen at random and points are awarded for "good pulls".  What is a "good pull" in this context?  For the "context" of the chicken photo, click on the small image on the left.

Steve Zeldin, March 9, 2012


Ten Mile Bike Race from Halstead's Hotel to Nine Mile House


That bicycling has taken a strong hold on Baltimoreans and is growing in popular favor was strikingly attested by the large attendance yesterday at Halstead's on the Pimlico road, to witness the beginning and the conclusion of the impromptu ten-mile bicycle race. The road through Druid Hill park was, at 9 o'clock in the morning, thronged with cyclists and vehicles, all hurrying to Halstead's.

Baltimore Sun,November 27, 1891

Bob Wagner, March 2, 2012