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Ride Title:
Bumpy Belt Loop
Team BBC
Ride Date:
Thursday, Aug 2 6pm - 8pm. This ride repeats Thursday every week 6pm - 8pm starting on Thursday, Apr 12 , until Thursday, Aug 30 except on Thursday, May 10
1813 Falls Road
24 miles
Leaders Pace:
16 mph
Ride Terrain:
Rest stops:
Weather Cancellation:
Precipitation >60%
Ride Leader:
Ian Jackson
(830)708-6424 please tex
Tcx url:
Number of Riders Present:

It's baaaaaaack! THIS THURSDAY, wheels roll 6pm at Baltimore Bicycle Works, 1813 Falls Road.
We'll take the first few weeks easy, so don't be shy.
This is a full drop ride. 16mph average with sprint climbs sprinkled in. We will make a general effort to ride at an inclusive pace, and we will always regroup for a minute after Circle Road, but there are no guarantees. If you flat we'll leave you behind. If you're too slow we'll leave you behind. If you're too fast you'll leave us behind. So know the route and pack what you need to be self-sufficient.
Bring your own lights (please, please bring lights!) Bring your own cue sheet. Bring your own flat kit. And bring a real bad attitude because there's KOMs to win!
Mostly the same as before, we just take a more mellow route to Bellona. This will require us to navigate the switchbacks up Falls Road, so please be considerate of other trail users and always yield to pedestrians.
If you are accustomed to intercepting the group on Roland, you will need to revise your plans.
The following rules will be strictly enforced.
  • Helmets mandatory
  • Functional brakes mandatory
  • Wheels roll 6pm sharp
  • Single File on Falls Road
  • We stop at all stop signs
  • We stop at all red lights
  • We always yield to pedestrians
  • We never escalate road rage incidents. (no yelling, no gestures, and no physical contact)
Offical Sprint Climbs:
  1. Rolandvue
  2. Rolandvue backside
  3. Circle Road counter-clockwise
  4. Ellenham left-fork (optional. take the right-fork to bypass)
  5. May's Chapel
  6. Bellemore

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