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TEAM BBC CX skills clinic
Team BBC
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Monday, Aug 6 6pm - 7pm. This ride repeats Monday every week 6pm - 7pm starting on Monday, Aug 6 , until Monday, Aug 27
Wyman Park ballfieds Sisson and 29th
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Weather Cancellation:
Precipitation >60%
Ride Leader:
Ian Jackson

Every Monday in August 6pm at the Wyman Park ballfields (near Sisson and 29th). For all experience levels. Helmets required. Ride at your own risk. 
Each week will focus on a specific technical aspect of cyclocross racing. Experienced racers will share their techniques for overcoming technical features, and proper form will be demonstrated. Repetitive drills, both individual and group, will be practiced. 
  • Monday August 6th @6pm: Bunch Sprints
    • Mass start drills and contact drills will build confidence when riding in a tight bunch. Techniques for finding your pedal quickly and protecting your bars will be demonstrated.
  • Monday August 13th @6pm: Mounts, Dismounts, and Remounts
    • Proper mount and dismount technique will be demonstrated, and riders will repeat drills to learn this technique for the first time, or to improve their technique. Barriers will be set up.
  • Monday August 20th @6pm: Cambers and Corners
    • Following a practical demonstration of Newton's Laws, riders will practice their balance on a series of taped corners, simulating a section real race course. An air pump with pressure gauge will be on site, for riders who wish to experiment with their tire pressure.
  • Monday August 27 @6pm: Ride or Run?
    • Experienced racers will demonstrate advanced techniques (bunny hops, manuals, drive-side dismounts, over-the-shoulder bike carry) for clearing obstacles at speed, both on and off the bike and answer questions. Riders will be walked through the steps of learning to manual and bunny hop, and several "log" obstacles of varying heights will be provided for practice.

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