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Ride Title:
Eight Towns-Seven Valleys from Seventh District
All Pace Long
Ride Date:
Saturday, Jul 13 8:30am - 1:30pm
7th district Elementary
58 miles
Leaders Pace:
14 mph
Ride Terrain:
Rolling With Hills
Rest stops:
Weather Cancellation:
Precipitation >60%
Ride Leader:
Gene Young
Number of Riders Present:

Redesign of old Seven Towns Seven Valleys without Prettyboy hills at the end.  First rest/restroom 

stop in Glenville at mile 21ish and second at Rutters in Shrewsbury at mile 42ish.  Jefferson(no restroom) and Glen Rock(restroom)  in between if needed.  One climb a few miles before Jefferson

I believe in the shade and a few rollers before Glen Rock.  If you have any questions about hilliness please email.  You have free reign to criticize the route or the leader. 

I DO NOT DO  rwgps.  I retired from job that was driven by mapping technology.  I just wanna ride

my bike.  Last time I checked using rwgps is not a requirement for leading a ride.

dakarlin Can I get this ride on ridewith gps? I would like to enter the route on my
wahoo so I do not have to look at a cue sheet. Thank you

6 months ago
SamKlitzner @dakarlin: You might get a quicker response if you email Gene. I think he only checks the comments section periodically.
6 months ago
Renee Faison :-)
6 months ago
SamKlitzner Hand written cue sheets are always nice/nostalgic. :-)
6 months ago
beckyjim Gene, great ride today! Thanks!
6 months ago
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