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Ride Title:
CANCELLED - Glen Rock, Brodbecks, Lineboro, etc.
All Pace Short
Ride Date:
Sunday, Apr 2, 11am - 2:30pm
New Freedom Rails To Trails
31 miles
Leaders Pace:
12 mph
Ride Terrain:
Rolling With Hills
Rest stops:
Weather Cancellation:
Ride Leader:
Mark Tabb
Tcx url:

This is a tough call. The ride is cancelled for safety purposes. According to the news, there were winds 60-70 mph last night. I am concerned about debris on the roads . The weather for Monday and Tuesday are "much better" - especially the temperatures.  


A John McCauley ride.

Try this ride again-the old standby to keep or get fit.  Sunny but cold for April, 40-47 degrees with 15 mph winds.  Wear the winter clothing and we should be fine!

Bring food/energy bars in case you get hungry on this short ride (optional store at mile 12 and a spring water spot at mile 15).  I consider this ride challenging but not one of those "crazy hilly rides".  Most of us humans are tired by the end of the ride.  No huge climbing grades like the last few rides.

It is only an official 6.4 on the Tabb 1-10 scale (based on 10,000 ft for 100 miles).  To me, it feels like an 8.  Optional lunch in New Freedom (ride start) at the pizza/sub shop after the ride.

If you have trouble printing the FORMATTED cue sheet:

When in Ride With GPS, select "Print Map and Cue PDF", then select "Customize PDF", then "Submit"

Anyhow, will bring cue sheets to ride start.

Address of meeting spot:  117 N Front Street New Freedom, PA 17349

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