Come out and celebrate our Club's 50th Anniversary!  On June 2 2018, the BBC will host rides at St. John's Church, 3738 Butler Road, near Glyndon.  Several rides will be available with staggered starts.  The long, fast rides will start first and the shorter rides start later in the morning.  All rides go through beautiful horse country in Baltimore and Carroll Counties which means some hills.   The rides will finish near the same time, similar to the picnic ride.  After the ride we will enjoy a lunch bbq feast featuring brisket, pulled pork and smoked salmon.  There are even unsubstantiated rumors about dessert as well.  Don’t miss this special celebration.

Please RSVP to no later than Thursday May 31 by 5pm.  This is to ensure we can get an accurate head count.  It takes 19 hours to smoke a whole brisket.

The cost for bbq lunch:

Members: FREE!

Non Members: $15

Remember, your non-member guests (spouse, child, friend, etc.) are welcome to come but must pay the $15 cost for lunch.  But, for a nominal amount, they can become a member (individual or family) and come to the picnic, the banquet, the spring social, and enjoy all the benefits of being a member!

Please remember to RSVP.  Thanks, and see you at the ride.

RAIN DATE:  Saturday, June 16, same time & place.