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Nov-15-18 02:36 pm
Car Encounters, Bike Cameras and Police
Category: Social

This was posted by Kerry Swick to the HoCo cycling list serve. He gave permission to post it here.


Some of you may know or may have heard last week I had an incident with a car on Linthicum RD.  I was riding alone so it was me against the car, my word against his word except I have cameras mounted on the bike front and back.  Here is a summary of what happened:


The incident started when a car overtook me on Ten Oaks RD.  I had taken the lane because the traffic was stopped ironically by the police and there is no shoulder where I was riding.  It was safer for me to be in the lane than having cars try and push by me.  The car behind me pulled out and around me, yes they had to go way over the double yellow line and as it turned out a pickup truck was coming his way. He cut back in and almost rear ended the stopped car in front of me along with almost taking me out in the process.  I reacted strongly calling the driver and idiot (no I did not use my typically language skills, really.. I did not use any of those more descriptive colorful words).  This as it turned out was just the start of my adventure.

I remained in line and traffic started moving so I then continued on my ride up Ten Oaks where I encountered the same car waiting for me on Linthicum RD.  When I made the turn he was stopped in the road with the car in reverse and as soon as he saw me he then went after me with his car.  This is what is called a felony assault by a motor vehicle if you are wondering.  I captured all of the events with my Fly bike cameras ( 

I contacted the police and supplied them with a statement and the video.  The officer stated as long as the video backed my story this person was in big trouble.  I received a call from the officer a few days later after they located and spoke with the driver.  His story was completely different than mine as expected so without the video it would have become a 'he said, you said' story.  I suspect without the video which backed my story up the officer would have not followed up on this at all.  The police need absolute proof about what happened and will not in most cases even entertain chasing it down without it.

The officer explained to this person that their story did not true since she had viewed video proof of the incident.  I am not in this to ruin anyone's life which is one of the ways this could have ended.  Instead by my direction to the police was that this person was to be given a warning.  A stern warning at that since if I and wanted to press charges he would have been arrested.  The police officer had my back all the way and made it clear to this person that I was the good guy and he was the bad guy and how lucky he was that I did not want to press charges.


The moral of the story..  In this case the cameras enabled me to back up my story and contact the police with proof in hand.  Since I ride many miles alone and felt it was important for me to have this kind of technology on the bike.  I unfortunately have had many incidents over the years and nothing could be done because it was always my word against theirs.  I would have just had to suck it up and the person would go on their way.  There are other features with the cameras combined with my Garmin that are rather helpful.  In the event I am involved in an accident the camera is able to detect that I have gone down.  It will automatically lock the current and previous files and continue to record for 30 minutes.  You may not be able to recall what happened but the cameras would and that is a good thing.  Another feature I have activated with my Garmin was to connect it to an app on my phone.  In the event I am involved in something and I go down the Garmin will send a text message to the person of my choosing that something happened.  Again, depending on what happened you may not be able to do that yourself.

I strongly recommend that my fellow bikers look into these technologies.  We all know of or have experienced incidents where this would have been extremely helpful to us and help us be safer on the roads.  When confronted by someone I will typically say smile for the camera which tends to change their tone quickly.  Several of us have tried to contact the police only to be turned away because we did not have that absolute proof about what happened.  Riding alone is something I have always enjoyed and find it to be a big stress relief.  My wife worries about these moments when something may happen and utilizing these technologies has help eased her mind just a little bit.  It only takes one driver doing something really stupid to ruin your day.

Kerry Swick

In spite of the terrible weather, the BBC has successfully pulled off another CWC.

It is really wonderful to see so many volunteers participate in this event. What an improvement from the year Howard Rosenbaum threatened to cancel the event if more club members didn't step up!  We may still need a bit of prodding but when the day comes, the club is there.

Congratulations to Cindy and Larry for doing a great job!

Jun-08-18 02:12 pm
Category: Social

At the party last Saturday, we failed to acknowledge Al Sinsky, who was in attendance.

Al was not a founding member of the club, but he joined the club in 1968 and has been a member ever since.  Al still rides with the club on occasion and he rides with the Cycling Seniors.

In the 70's and early 80's Al would organize an event in September that went from Kent Island to Fenwick on Friday, stay over on Friday and Saturday nights and return to Kent Island on Sunday.  One year the group had headwinds all the way to Fenwick on Friday and while they were there the storm curled around and they had headwinds all the back on Sunday.  Thankfully that was not a year I participated.

I know the Ruth and Al Schaffer's participated in this event on their tandem but I'm not remembering others who participated.

Congratulations Al on your many years of BBC cycling.

River Road is closed due to washed out road damage on Sunday, June 3rd.  You can walk around in the mud....but I would advise against it.

Not many BBC rides are currently using River Road but there are a few, primarily on ones led from Alpha Ridge or Mt View Middle School.  A few of our rides, Ed Cahill's rides and Craig Martin's Tour de Montes route to Greencastle went down River Road.

Apr-16-18 09:41 am
An event to be celebrated
Category: Social

If we want to celebrate a classic BBC event, we should look a little deeper into the Flatlands Ride.

It was started by Bob Mayer, one of the original members of the BBC.   I read about the event in the Baltimore Sun and did it for the first time in 1973 or 1974.   I know it had been around for some years before that but I am not sure how many.

Bob Mayer ran it until about 1981 or 1982 when I took it over because the BBC president at that time was going to let it drop if no one stepped forward to organize it.   I have no idea how many years I kept it on but believe I was immediately succeeded by Ken Philhower and Dave Coder.  Ken is running it to this day, which is probably a record for longest continuous leader of any single event.

In the 70's and 80's the 50 mile route was the main event.  It went through the historic town of Odessa, where Bob would arrange for a little dairy there to sell a special item for our event.  It was an "orangesicle" made with vanilla ice cream in orange soda. Yummy.

After the ride most of the group went to the Chesapeake Inn on the west side of the canal for drinks, snacks or dinner and to listen to a steel band, while we watched the bay pilots switch out at the MD-Delaware line. 

But remember that cycling is also associated with calcium loss and low-bone density.

If you google "bicycling and calcium depletion" you'll finds lots of links to articles and studies of the problem.  Be sure to protect yourselves and get a DEXA Scan.

Thanks Larry (and Ed,)

I only ever look at the "Mobile View Rides" but now I see them in the calendar view!


Is there really a RideWithGPS for the volunteer Century Ride?

If so, where is it?

The only link I see is the link for the actual ride which does not work for the volunteer ride.  The volunteer ride needs to go into Boonsboro for lunch and it takes a slightly different path to get to the store in Fairfield

Aug-16-17 05:13 pm
Stanley's life including BBC
Category: Social

Thanks for the notice Jeffrey.  I too have many good memories of riding with Stanley in the 70's and 80's, even went to see him in a play at Spotlighter's once.

Jun-16-17 07:12 am
verizon email addresses
Category: Social

Reminder - If you have a new email address, you may want to get it updated on the BBC Member Roster.  Particullarly those of you had verizon addresses.

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