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2019 Instructional Ride Series

The 2019 Instructional Series successfully concluded with the hope of launching the biking future for approximately 30 individuals who each participated in up to seven group rides. The participants learned about bike handling skills, how to do minor road repairs, as well as about equipment and clothing.  Participants could choose between a short, medium, or a longer route at each group ride.  Early on, the short/medium/long rides were about 10/16/20  miles long.  Later in the series, the rides were extended to about 18/25/35 miles.  Ride locations started on the NCR and B&A/BWI trails then shifted to the roads near Greenspring Station, Jacksonville, and Sparrows Point/Ft. Howard.

Thanks to organizers Gary Brandon, Howard Kaplon, Gordon Peltz, and Adriana Pukalski who mention that they appreciate the support of experienced riders who assisted at the rides.

Congratulations to those who increased their biking skills, and we hope to see you on BBC rides in 2020.

The 2020 Instructional Series will begin in April.