Helmets are REQUIRED on all BBC Rides!

Each year the BBC conducts more than 400 "day" rides.  These rides are led by over 100 BBC members who volunteer to be Ride Leaders.  There are several one day "events" that are more formal, have more participants and usually charge a fee to cover expenses.  We also conduct several "multiday" tours that take place in Maryland or go to nearby states.  BBC tandem riders comprise CRABS (Couples Riding A Bicycle Simultaneously), one of the largest tandem groups of any bicycling club.  Membership to CRABS is included with a BBC membership.

All rides should emphasize safe group riding and respect for motorists and other bicyclists.  Ride distances tend to be shorter during the early and late seasons and longer during the summer.  Most rides include at least one rest stop and many include a restaurant meal stop.  Call the ride leader if you have any questions and always take plenty to drink during the ride.


BBC Ride Cancellation Policy -- If, one hour before a scheduled ride, the official weather report for the ride start area predicts rain or strong winds, the ride may be cancelled.  If you are in doubt, call the Ride Leader.  For the weather forecast, use weather.com or the TV weather channel.

BBC Ride Categories -- Regularly Scheduled Rides are categorized according to difficulty, so there is something for everyone.  These rides have cue sheets and ride leaders except for the EVENING RIDES.

BBC INSTRUCTIONAL RIDE SERIES - We sponsor an Instructional Ride Program to anyone over 16 years old who is interested in learning basic skills, road repairs and in improving as a cyclist.  This program is aimed at helping riders develop group riding skills and to comfortably participate in club rides.

CASUAL - For cyclists who want a relaxed experience, these rides maintain a pace of 8-10 mph.  Routes with easy terrain are up to 25 miles.  Rides with some hills are generally 15 miles or less.  Re-grouping points are periodically designated.  COORDINATOR - Contact Road Captain

10 - 12 MPH - For average adult riders able to average a pace of 10 - 12 mph for 25 - 45 miles.  Terrain is usually moderate but can be hilly.  COORDINATOR - Marge Ewertz - 410-446-4691

13 - 15 MPH - For faster riders able to average a pace of 13 - 15 mph for 35 - 65 miles over sometimes hilly terrain.  COORDINATOR - Gary Brandon - 717-235-3893


16 And Over MPH - For experienced riders able to average a pace of 16-plus mph over varied terrain for 40 - 100+ miles.  COORDINATOR - Contact Road Captain


Mountain Bike Rides ­–These are off road or trail rides. Ride duration will vary from 1 to 3 hours. Riders can expect dirt trails to include natural obstacles such as roots, stones, logs, mud puddles, and the occasional stream crossing. No Cue sheets will be provided, as many trail intersections are unmarked. Standard practice is that a ride leader will sweep the trail while an experienced rider takes lead and everyone will wait at intersections for the group to collect. Experienced riders should ride in the front and less experienced riders should ride toward the back with the ride leader. All MTB rides are canceled in the case of rain, as BBC will not contribute to trail erosion.  COORDINATOR - Position empty


Before choosing to ride with the 16+ group, please be aware:

·         16+ rides are for experienced, strong, fast cyclists who desire more of a challenge than provided by other group rides.  The 16+ ride category is for bicyclists able to maintain average speeds of 16 mph and more over climbs and challenging terrain. 

·         The ride leader will not sweep 16+ rides.  Cyclists are expected to be self-sufficient in terms of minor repairs, following cue sheets, and recovering from missed turns or incorrect cue sheets.  

·         Some regrouping may be done on the 16+ rides, but slower riders will often fail to make these regroupings and will be dropped.  The 16+ group will welcome them when they are stronger cyclists and can hang with the established 16+ group.  All bicyclists in the 16+ group should be experienced in the etiquette and skills of group cycling.  Often the 16+ group will split into speed-range groups. 

·         Riders who are unsure of whether a particular 16+ ride is for them should contact the ride leader of that ride.  If you are new to the club’s group rides or are not sure you are capable of a 16+ ride, you should go on a few 13-15 rides and get some sense of how you do at that level before joining a 16+ ride.

·         Slower riders who want to do these routes at their own pace are welcome. 

EVENING RIDES - These rides are cluster start rides and start at Glenelg High School in Howard County and at Oregon Ridge Park in Baltimore County.  There is no designated pace to these rides and they are good training.  Distance is up to 35 miles.   Evening rides are leaderless rides and without cue sheets.

TANDEM - Riding on a "bicycle built for two," with the CRABS (Couples Riding A Bicycle Simultaneously) over moderate terrain for 25 - 60 miles.  There is no specified pace, but groups of different paces usually form and regroup at rest/food stops.  Many rides offer two or three alternate lengths. Sociability is an important aspect of tandem rides.  We welcome and want to get to know new tandem riders. (e.g. 25/45 mi.) COORDINATORS - Mike & Evie Reinsel - 410-377-6133

WINTER RIDES - The winter rides, held on Saturdays and Sundays, are for hardy riders.  Riders should be experienced in handling mechanical repairs on their own. There is no assigned pace for these rides, and riders of similar capability are urged to ride together.  Rides are classified as SHORT, less than 35 miles and LONG, more than 35 miles.  If you are a slower rider, you may want to bring along a friend on the longer rides.  COORDINATOR - Gloria Epstein - 410-665-3012 

Have a question about rides?  Contact Road Captain, Gloria Epstein.