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Annual Tandem Planning Meeting at TGIF

CRABS, Couples Riding a Bike Simultaneously, and WABITS, Washington Area Bikes in Tandem Society had their 2ND ANNUAL JOINT PLANNING MEETING, in Columbia, MD at TGIF restaurant.   This all happened on March 1, 2020, when restaurants were open and social groups were still gathering.  Pictured are Evie and Mike Reinsel (BBC CRABS coordinators) and Laurie and Ed Barr (PPTC WABITS coordinators).  Since the tandem groups were shrinking in the area, joining forces to create a fuller ride schedule was a win win!

Looking back, we felt very lucky to have been able to have this event. Many tandem couples were in attendance, like long-time members Sharon and Jack McWatters and Linda and Larry Black.  Other veterans included Peggy and Tom Dymond and Kathy Anders and many more. We welcomed new-comers, Rob Keiser and Stacy Spivak and Lydia Cunningham.  A big thanks to all those turned out to make our tandem meeting a huge success.  Together we’ve put at least 21 rides on the schedule, April through Nov.  Of course, given the current conditions, rides will only take place when “allowed.”When the time is right, there will be many interesting and fun ride selections.  

Some of our fun rides include: the tandem tailgate ride in October, hosted by Mary and Ed Jarcy in Boonsboro. CRABS has had some type of tailgate ride since the early 1990s, and we are glad to see that this great bike ride and party continue.  The “tailgate” ride is special, with great cycling and terrific food supplied by Ed and Mary and all the guests.  It’s a food feast for famished tandem riders.  Jack and Sharon McWatters are leading the Apple Fritter ride in October—this Howard County ride is another wonderful tradition on the tandem schedule.  

TGIF was an ideal place for our meeting. The room was very spacious for our 30 guests.  The menu is varied and seemed to have something for everyone, from seafood, pasta, burgers, salads, and so much more. Dessert was special, as we surprised Linda Black with a beautifully decorated and delicious birthday cake (from a Columbia-area French bakery). Thank you, Sharon McWatters, for your great food judgment in bringing this yummy dessert.  Bon appétit!

The Barrs and the Reinsels are keeping—with your help-- this great gig going! We look forward to the time when we can all ride together again.  Please stay safe and be well.

Happy cycling, Evie & Mike