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BBC Extends Membership Expiration Dates Due To Cancelled Group Rides


In mid-July, all BBC members whose membership was active on March 28, 2020, the day the BBC cancelled group rides, have had their membership extended by one year. 

If your membership expired after March 28, your membership was extended by one year from the date of expiration. 

If your membership has not yet expired, it was also extended by one year from the date of expiration.

If your membership was active on March 28 and you do not see this extension when you log into your account, or if you expected that your membership should have been extended but can no longer log into your BBC account, contact the BBC Treasurer at treasurer@baltobikeclub.org.

Larry's Ride

Larry's Ride has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic - sponsored by Bike Maryland - scheduled for October 17, 2020.  For more information, read the announcement on the Bike Maryland web page:  https://www.bikemaryland.org/larrys-ride-announcement/

This annual event is a key fundraiser which allows Bike Maryland to continue to work making bicycling safer for everyone who rides a bike in Maryland, whether for transportation or recreation.  Information about contributing to Bike Maryland is on the announcement page.


President's Message June 2020 - Membership Extension and more..



Greeting fellow Baltimore Bicycling Club members,

Website:At the January 7, 2020 meeting regarding increasing rider participation, the topic that generated the most interest/feedback was improving the BBC Website.  One recommendation was to have a Website Manager, whose duties include reviewing and editing submissions as needed, declining non-relevant or inappropriate material and forwarding submissions to the Web Designer for publication.

Our first Website Manager is Alice Smith, whom many of you know as a 13-15mph rider.  All website submissions for the front page should now be submitted to: websitemanager@baltobikeclub.org.

Member Benefits:One benefit of BBC membership is access to our cue sheet library on the BBC website.  Cue sheets are also available on our club Ride with GPS account.  There are many rides of varying distances and start locations to choose from.  Although club rides have been suspended, you can peruse the online library for a suitable ride.  

Extending Memberships:  As was previously announced, BBC memberships will be extended to compensate for the period during which we were shutdown.  All memberships will be extended for the duration of the BBC shutdown, from March 28 until group rides are restarted.  The membership expiration date for everyone who had an active membership on March 28 will be moved out by the length of time that has elapsed when group rides are restarted.  If you are uncertain whether your membership was active on March 28, you can contact John Issacs at treasurer@baltobikeclub.org.

Your Board is working on guidelines for group rides:Your Board of Directors is discussing the criteria for restarting club rides and how this will be implemented.     We are taking into consideration the actions of several other bike clubs on the eastern seaboard and our state and local governments to create guidelines to restart rides and we are learning from those few who have restarted.  Guidelines will include:

·        Group size: “groups” of no more than 10 riders.  If 15 people show up for a ride, 2 groups leave 10-15 minutes apart;

·        Practice social distancing at the ride start and while riding;

·        Bring a mask and wear it at the ride start when signing in; ride with one if you want, and be sure to wear it in a convenience store;

·        print out your own cue sheet. 

The guidelines will change over time, as needed. 

 We do not know yet when we can start group rides.  We will monitor our government’s guidelines and notify members when we can start posting rides on the calendar.

Civil War Century (CWC) is cancelled:By now you have heard the CWC is cancelled.  Many thanks to Larry Kenney and Cindy Wyatt for their tireless efforts in organizing this event.  We are all looking forward to the 2021 Civil War Century. 

Finally, I would like to express my thanks to the event coordinators who worked hard to plan events which were scheduled earlier this year; Gloria Epstein - Spring Social and Season Opening ride; Bob Carson - Kent County Spring Fling; Phil Manger - Greencastle Great Escape; Ken Philhower and Cindy Wyatt - Flatlands Tour; Bill Blankenship - Picnic ride. All these events were cancelled  this year.

Take care and stay safe

Patrick Lapensee

-- President of the Baltimore Bicycling Club

Civil War Century 2020 is Cancelled

As your Civil War Century event coordinators, we sincerely regret to have to announce that our club’s signature event is cancelled for 2020. We hope to see everyone back for the next Civil War Century event on Saturday, September 11th, 2021! As a club member, consider making it a priority to volunteer to ensure our success.

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President's Message May 2020

This BBC news was sent via email to all active BBC members:

Kent County Spring Fling, (KCSF): Regrettably, in late March, the 38th annual Kent County Spring Fling was cancelled due to the impact of covid-19. Bob Carson, our longtime coordinator, has stepped down as the KCSF event coordinator. Bob worked tirelessly on KCSF year-round and his leadership will be missed. Thank you for all your hard work Bob!

New leadership team: Board members Marg Draper-Harris and her husband Mike will team up with me, (Pat Lapensee), and my wife Denise Huson to coordinate KCSF starting in 2021 (Memorial Day Weekend). We'll be taking a page from Bob’s book, “Let’s make next year’s Spring Fling the best ever!”

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Annual Tandem Planning Meeting at TGIF

CRABS, Couples Riding a Bike Simultaneously, and WABITS, Washington Area Bikes in Tandem Society had their 2ND ANNUAL JOINT PLANNING MEETING, in Columbia, MD at TGIF restaurant.   This all happened on March 1, 2020, when restaurants were open and social groups were still gathering.  Pictured are Evie and Mike Reinsel (BBC CRABS coordinators) and Laurie and Ed Barr (PPTC WABITS coordinators).  Since the tandem groups were shrinking in the area, joining forces to create a fuller ride schedule was a win win!

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The Baltimore Bicycling Club and COVID-19


Dear Baltimore Bicycling Club members,

As you know, the entire world is engulfed in the COVID-19 outbreak which the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a pandemic. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the WHO have provided guidance on how to best combat the virus that causes COVID-19. This guidance includes avoiding crowds and practicing “Social Distancing,” where we stay 6 feet from other people. These actions will help slow the spread of the virus.

To this end, the Baltimore Bicycling Club (BBC) Board of Directors is cancelling all BBC rides effective immediately until further notice. All BBC rides currently posted on the BBC website are cancelled. The Instructional Cycling Series, including the orientation, will not go forward as scheduled. Depending on circumstances, we will attempt to conduct the instructional program later in the season, possibly in the fall.

Additionally, events will be cancelled as necessary and cancellations will be posted on the BBC website. The Spring Social and the Kent County Spring Fling have been cancelled. We hope to host our upcoming events as scheduled.

Cancelling our rides, and thus limiting our exposure to others, is something we must do to help slow the spread of COVID-19. We understand this is disappointing, as our season is just getting underway and our calendar is filling up with rides. But the safety of our bicycling community, as well as our friends and families, is paramount.

The BBC Board of Directors will alert all members of our club when circumstances allow us to continue normal operations. In the meantime, be safe, practice good hygiene and distancing. We look forward to everyone participating in BBC rides in the future.

President of the Baltimore Bicycling Club,

Patrick Lapensee