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New Bike Review

New Bike Review

I rode about 45 miles from Taneytown. It was my first ride on the new bike. The weather was breezy (20-25mph) and about 80 degrees.

I did not have my required aerobar (1.25 lbs) and large full saddle bag (4.75 lbs) so as to get the effect when people lift up a 13.9 lb bike. I did not have an odometer as it usually goes on my aerobar.

Frame & Fork:
The Scott Addict was exactly as I read in other reviews. It had no flex in it what-so-ever and did not feel harsh but could be on longer rides. I am not sure it will be harsh. My initial feeling was that it was extremely solid. I love looking down at the top tube as the wider shape made me feel very secure on the bike. So, my rating for flexability (10 is positive and 0 is negative) ia a 10-no flex what-so-ever. My rating for harshness is a 3 meaning it will probably feel harsh down the road-I really can only guess at this point.

The Dura Ace C24 wheels weigh 1325 grams on my scale. They feel light, make no noise and do not pull in the wind (low profile-24mm). I rate the wheels a 10-great wheels. They would have cost about $1,500.

This is the tough one. I have read about 50 reviews and they all were a 10-a perfect system. The only negatives which I give no weight to are price and one can only shift one cog at a time. The shifting was a 9-very good but a few clunks in the front (not my error). It really feels strange to go up to the big ring with no effort. The back shifting did not feel extreme to me. The drivetrain was a little noisy most of the time. It bothers me some but most people probably would not notice it. It almost sounded like the chain was loose but it looked like the length was good to me. So, my rating for the Di2 is an 8 with a possibility going to a 10 over time. I really can't explain my 8 rating at this time. Sorry!

I am sorry for the non-detailed review but I only rode 45 miles so far. I will upgrade my review at a later date.

One last note. They advertise that you get 1,000 kilometers with each charge and I read that you really get 1,000 to 1,500 miles. Most reviewers say they charge it very little. One professional said he only charged it once during the entire Giro which I believe is 2,000-2,500 miles. I plan on charging mine the 1st of each month. It will be easy to remember that way.

Remember-It's A Gift (this bike was not)
PS-I will take my other bike tomorrow on Rock, Slate & River since I will keep the rides short on the new bike for a while.

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Re: New Bike Review

Can't wait to see it sometime!

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