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Loch Raven Update

Loch Raven Update

See the new post of the Loch Raven Trail Users Facebook page for the latest information from the DPW meeting on February 25th. … amp;v=wall

From the site:

Loch Raven Trail Users summary of the feb 25 meeting: When it comes to regulating trail use in the 3 Baltimore City
Reservoirs, everyone in the room agreed that we would like a speedy & fair resolution, but the reality is, the new plan is going to take time to develop, approve, and finalize. The objective remains to develop a new plan and present it to the public in an open forum, the goal is to now to have this happen within 90 days.
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Loch Raven Trail Users continued:
While the revised plan is being developed, the rangers will continue to focus on educating trail users when it comes to enforcement. They expect respect & professional courtesy from those they may need to educate, so if you find yourself in this situation, keep your cool & be respectful. Restrictions against tresspassing at night will continue to be enforced.
Here is what was agreed to from the meeting on Feb 25:

MORE Trail Liaison Bob Compton was named Co-Chair of the Committee.
We will have a working group meeting in two weeks.
We will have a meeting for review by the full task force in thirty days.
The 1998 plan will be the framework for the future plan
The task force will pool the scientific data and maps for a detailed review.
Safety, Education and Enforcement will be negotiated.
The rangers will blaze the "woods roads" as required by the 1998 mountain bike plan.
There will be no enforcement other than watershed regulations until the plan is negotiated and updated.
A time-line of activities will be laid out with a proposed total of 90 days.
The task force will agree as to whether an MOU ( memorandum of understanding ) is needed for a good faith effort.

The next meeting should take place with in 2 weeks and we will post updates as they become available.
February 28 at 11:25pm · Report

More news as it comes.


Joe Archibald

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