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RIP: Cuesheetcentral

RIP: Cuesheetcentral

Cuesheetcentral is now decommissioned.

1) All cuesheets in cuesheetcentral will be in the new cue library on the new
BBC website by tonight. Go to the new website for cuesheets:

To reference a cuesheet when entering a new ride, for the time being, the name
of the cue sheet in the new library should be used. If the future this will be
upgraded to a hot link.

Links in rides already entered in the ride schedule to rides in cuesheetcentral
will still work.

2) The ride calendar from cuesheetcentral has been moved to the new website. No
rides can be added to the cuesheetcentral calendar. The old calendar is NOT
being maintained.

Notice has been given to new riders to check their rides for errors. All new
rides should be entered from the new web site.

3) The email message that was sent from cuesheetcentral will no long be sent. A
new, equivalent, message is being sent that is based on the calendar in the new
web site.

This email message for today and tomorrows rides will be posted on BBC talk, in
the "Ride Changes" forum in the new site and on the BBC facebook page.

Shortly, very shortly, BBC talk--will go the way of cuesheetcentral.
(It will be maintained for historical purposes but new postings will be

And I want to think Phil for doing all the work involved in creating, enhancing
and modifying cuesheetcentral. Phil: you pulled the club into modern times!
Thanks.I loved cuesheetcentral and used it all the time.


Ed Hopkins

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Re: RIP: Cuesheetcentral

Hi Ed
Thanks for doing the heavy lifting on organizing the ride schedule. Having CSC and the new ride schedule on the web site going at the same time was producing some real problems. I hate to see CSC go also, but by providing the list view and the mobile view, a big part of CSC's advantages were put into the web site.
I would ask you and Steve to take a good look at the library. The "panel" approach used in CSC for the library was a time saver when searching the library for possible rides. I know Will took what he was given when programming the library but perhaps a quicker way of scanning the library can be developed.
I don't know who is going to be responsible for maintaining the library. If it is you and Steve, let me tell you here that the description for the Two Taverns -Revised  cue sheet has the description for Red Rum II--I know because I did both of them.
Another request on my wish list for the library--encouraging new cue sheets. Aside from Steve Z, there have been very few new additions to the library. Anything you can think of (contest?) to promote new rides would be very helpful. We also need a system to monitor the current library for errors and to revise  promptly the offending cue sheet. Some of the errors are technical as in an incorrect turn others involve changes in roads due to housing development.
Once again, thanks for all the work you are doing.
Ed Cahill

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Re: RIP: Cuesheetcentral

Ed and Steve and Phil,
You have done excellent work-- and quick too-- since the monthly club meeting Suzie and I attended.  I am very impressed with your thoroughness.  I also want to thank Phil for his brainchild --CUESHEETCENTRAL -- AND FOR HIS TIME AND EFFORT IN PROVIDING US A WONDERFUL TOOL.   I think I speak for all the BBC members when I thank you for all you do.

Regards, Roger Knable

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