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Bridge crack on Pratt St. before President

Bridge crack on Pratt St. before President


I recently was in an accident (10/23) on Pratt St just prior to the intersection with President.  This spot is where the bus/bike lane turns into a right turn lane.  If you're not familiar with the intersection, it is right after the Pier V garage.  There are 2 lanes that turn right on President, 3 that go straight on Pratt and then 1 designated for left turn.  There is a little canal bridge in between the light for the Pier V garage and the light for President street.  I usually merge into the right most lane that goes straight on Pratt.  The day I got into an accident, the 2 right turn lanes were backed up and there were 3 or so cars that were stopped in the right lane that goes straight trying to merge into the two right lanes.  Since there were no cars behind me, I got into the center lane (that goes straight) to pass the 3 cars waiting to merge.  I got past them and was going to get back into the right most lane going straight and when I was doing this, my road bike tires got lodged into the crack in the bridge.  My bike stopped and I went flying over my handlebars.  Thankfully those cars were stopped trying to merge and I was wearing a helmet.  I came out with a decent amount of road rash and a small trip to the ER.

Anyways, I went back to the bridge after a few days to check it out.  It seems like the rubber that was there covering the crack has fallen in.  Sorry for taking so long to post this.  But I was wondering who to talk to in order to get this problem fixed?  I was really lucky that I wasn't hit by a car or anything and I would hate for someone to have the same thing happen to them.  If anyone has suggestions or knows what to do to talk to the city, let me know and I'll work on it!

Thanks and safe riding,
Hannah M.

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Re: Bridge crack on Pratt St. before President

Baltimore City Department of Transportation. 410-361-9296 or email

I sent them a question via email when the lanes were closed on the JFX earlier this year, and actually got a phone call from someone in the department.

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