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Cycling Routes

Re: Cycling Routes

bbalch1 wrote:

Which leads me to another question - anybody know about any bumper sticker campaigns like the motorbikes have?  You know those yellow stickers that say something like "Share the Road" or something like that?

there's an interesting article in a recent Urban Velo about signage. The writer of the article is questioning the value of the "share the road" phrase. the implication of "share the road" is that you are asking drivers to give away something they already have- full use of the road. the writer likes more direct phrasing like: "watch for bikes" implying that bikes are already in the area the driver is entering and that they need to be aware of it.

and to add to the "hijack" (which I think is very worthwhile) Dinotte lighting is expensive and ABSOLUTELY worth the expense. Imagine yourself in the hospital with your teeth knocked out and a big lump on your head wondering why you didn't spend $200 on better lighting. However, there is also some inexpensive options. I run 2 Planet Bike super flashes on the back of my helmet (positioning the lights are critical here) and another LED on the seat post. On front I run Cyo hi intensity LED from a dynamo as well as a Fenix light on my helmet. Front lighting is as important (perhaps more so) than rear. email me if you want more detail of where to get any of these.
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Re: Cycling Routes

First time posting on the new site, random thoughts:

I am just about convinced that I should go get some new uber-bright lights to replace my trusty Cateyes, and run them in the daytime as well as the dark.  However, this is based solely on the fact that a lot of cyclists whom I really respect  current/wink swear by them.  I've never been able to wrap my head the idea that a motorist will not notice my fat @@@ rolling down the road, but he/she *will* notice the tiny (albeit bright) light blinking right below said fat @@@.   current/big_smile 

Agree on disliking the "share the road" signs, for the implied message that my presence on the road is only possible due to the magnanimous allowance of the motorist to whom the road *really* belongs.  Of course, I know that as a matter of physics (car vs. bike, car wins) this is absolutely true, but still . . . I prefer the more belligerent "bikes allowed to use entire lane" or something like that.

Designated "bike route" signs, even if the roads themselves aren't improved in any way, *might* serve to get motorists more sensitized to the fact that bicyles are on those roads, and that the state says they have the right to be there.

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Re: Cycling Routes

tblairhug wrote:

ok-- which light? the aa batteries, or???

I have the Li-on front and rear.  Back when I bought them you got 3 batteries (1 extra).  Not sure if they still do it.  I really never need more than a couple of hours and the rear in blink mode (I think) is supposed to last 10 hours.

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