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Weekend in NYC

Weekend in NYC

I received two emails from the 5 Boro BC in NYC about a combined weekend bike tour. The idea is to swap locations between NYC and Baltimore on a yearly basis. Below are the two emails. If you have any interest in the idea, let me know.

Dear Ed:  I wrote to you earlier in the week, but did not get a response so I thought that I would try again.  I am the VP of the 5 Boro Bike Club in NYC.  It looks like your club has a similar ride structure to ours.  I was wondering if you guys would want to do a home and home series.

My thought is that this is a weekend trip.  Arrival Friday night, Club ride on Saturday, and a shorter private ride on Sunday.  A week or two later, the visiting club becomes the host.  Of course, there would be dinners and general bonding events.

If you would like to explore this, please contact me by email or give me a call at 347-276-7775.  You can check our web sight at, or check out our FB page.  I hope to hear from you.

Hey Ed:  Good to hear from you.  I would be consider doing this sometime in September after the TA Century in NYC.  The weather be cooler and it would be at the tail end of the season.  Here are my thoughts re: transportation and lodging:  Baltimore is about 4 hours from NY.  Transportation will be however your club wants to do it.  On our end, I would think that those who are involved will self transport their bikes and gear down to Baltimore.  It would be done on a shoestring.

As for lodging, I was thinking of making it a true mixer type of event.  Our riders would stay at your members houses, and then your members would stay at our members houses.  This would not only keep the costs down, but would add to the bonding experience between the two clubs.  Obviously, we will coordinate both the rides we want to do [for example would you rather head to Brooklyn, The Bronx, Graffiti tour, etc], and where you would want to eat on Saturday night [deli, BBQ etc.]

Lets explore this one further, and if we could get a go at the end of September we can shoot for that.  June would be too soon for arrangemements, and folks will be going away for the summer.  I have spoken with some of the leaders of my club, and have generally had a positive response.  We can work together to make this a memorable event.

I thought the idea had merit. I would put the event at the end of June filling the void left by the TDM; September has plenty of events already. In any case, if there is interest, I will contact the 5 Boro BC about progressing on with details of the proposed event. If not, I will communicate that also to them.

Ed Cahill
BBC Pres

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