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Roland Park Cycle Track

Roland Park Cycle Track

The Roland Park Civic League at its May 24 Annual Meeting voted to scrap the controversial Cycle Track and restore curbside parking.  The Civic League recommended a wider, conventional bikelane located between parked cars and the traffic lanes. The Civic League acknowledged the design flaws in the Cycle Track.  The Track consisting of a 4' bikelane and a 2' buffer is narrower than design specifications, which call for a 6' bikelane and a 2 - 3 ' buffer.  Consequently this narrow Track forces cyclists to ride in the door zone, and cyclists have no room to avoid car doors and pedestrians, especially   at Eddie's and St David's Church and Pre School.  Also the parking lanes have been narrowed to 7', notwithstanding the fact that some vehicles are wider than 7' or not everyone parks an inch from the curb.  Five residents cars have been totaled, and five cyclists have collided with right turning vehicles. 

     Also, leaves, sticks, and debris accumulate in the Cycle Track.  The Civic League points out that verbal conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians have increased.  (From personal experience, motorists have told me to use the Cycle Track when I chose to ride in the traffic lanes.)

     The Committee didn't forclose  studying an alternative solution, like removing a lane of traffic.  However, in the interim the Committee recommended that the City remove the Cycle Track, restore curbside parking, and go with a conventional, wider bikelane.

Jeffrey H. Marks

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