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Open the Roads

Open the Roads

While the virus hasn't gone away, things have substantially improved in Md.  Governor Hogan is pleased with Md's progress, the numbers are looking good, and he has cautiously moved us further along well into Stage 2. Also, The NY Times reported that the virus is down in the NE, probably due to warmer temps and humidity. 

     The Board was correct in suspending our rides when the Gov issued a Stay at Home Order, except for buying groceries and a short walk, bike ride, or jog around the neighborhood.  However, it's time to look at how things are NOW in Md, not in late March or April.  The Gov is allowing and even encouraging most outdoor non contact activities - golf, boating, hiking, beaches, parks, running, tennis, swimming etc.  Other cycling clubs that properly suspended their rides - Harrisburg, Hanover PA, and Annapolis - have all now resumed their rides.  The Mountain Club of Md is restarting their hikes on July 1.  I agree with Ed that cycling is not at the top of the totem pole, and certainly shouldn't take priority over essential activities, like treating patients.  From personal perspective, I assisted in my neighborhood to distribute food to needy families this morning.  I consider this food drive far more important than cycling.  But I also have a lot of free time and certainly shouldn't feel guilty about riding with the BBC.  I respect Pat, Gloria, and the Board for serving in this difficult time.  The Board is meeting tonight to consider a Plan for allowing smaller rides to resume, with certain precautions.  If the Board approves, they will need at least a couple weeks to prepare. 

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Re: Open the Roads

Hi Jeffrey

The Governor has given the political units within Maryland the RIGHT to open up to Stage 2.  Maryland is NOT open to stage 2--though some counties may decide to do so.

Note my comments on the current status of Baltimore in my reply to Phil. Baltimore is only just now open--in a tentative way--to Phase 1.

It is OK NOW to go on as long a bike ride as you want and as many as you want. I have been riding as much as ever--just not with groups. There was never any effort to curtail bike riding, just to curtail group activities where the virus could spread.  Get out there and ride all you want.

I don't know if you and I read the same media but what I see everywhere out there are experts having serious misgivings about the states opening up too soon. And...there is much evidence that the states that have opened up too soon are bringing to have increases in their number of COVID-19 cases.


Ed Hopkins

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Re: Open the Roads

For what it’s worth, I also agree we should allow groups to ride.  I’m seeing other bike groups holding rides.  We are all adults - nobody is forcing anyone to ride. 

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