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BBC 16 mph ride report: Normandy SC-Watersville

BBC 16 mph ride report: Normandy SC-Watersville

Little did I expect that 12 riders and 1 more who joined us in route would show for my 16 mph ride today. The pace up the Rogers Ave. ascent and Rt. 99 was fast from the start. I was grasping for air and in the red zone until a few others and me dropped off to a reasonable pace as the fast guys pulled away near the Mount View MS. Even so we slower riders averaged 18 mph out to Mt. Airy. The hills of Flag Marsh and Watersville Roads slowed us down even more - brings back bittersweet memories of my Category 4 and Masters racing 20 years ago on these same roads. Once this small group arrived at the Woodbine Highs we met up again with the faster guys. I was determined to ride with these guys and stuck with them on Old Frederick Road, Tridelphia Road and up to Frederick Road.
Dropped again I soloed onto the traffic-bound roads of Ellicott City. It was there that I was almost t-boned twice on Frederick Road, the first by an ignorant, cigarette smoking van driver (cager) at the ballfield near Rt. 40 and again by an oblivious, 20 something woman-cager making a left turn in front of me as I was heading down the hill at St. John's Lane. Cagers, a term I and others use for vehicle-drivers penned up in their luxury-bound, distraction-loaded cars, sometimes in rage, ignorant of the safety of non-4 wheeled vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. Heading up the Ellicott Mills-Rogers Ave hill all was well as I pulled into the ride start. In the future I will not lead rides from the Normandy SC on weekends as there are too many cagers in the Ellicott City area. It is safer to ride from the Alpha Ridge park or the Enchanted Forest SC on weekends in my opinion.
Thanks to all who showed up today, including Terry H, Phil F, David K, Chris S, Travis W, Larry S, electric bike riders, Gene B and Chris H, and triathlete-Trish C. Last, but not least Paul H- a former Chesapeake Wheelmen racer buddy and Ross C, a rider who I haven't ridden with since the Covid’s beginnings. It won't be long before all of us will be vaccinated and riding together.
Thanks for the great company!

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