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Single Speeds

Re: Single Speeds

I rode the Seagull two years ago on fixed gear, 46 x 18 with a 17 on the flip side of the double fixed hub.  Turned out to be a pretty nice gear, easily spinning at 16-17 mph and able to easily wind up to 23-24 mph.  I believe Will rides a 48-18, a bit higher, and in the hills.  Adding three teeth to a chain ring generally equates to subtracting one tooth on the back.  Most flip/flop fixed hubs come fixed/free, but a double fixed is actually a bit more versatile.  You can mount a single speed freewheel on a fixed hub, but it's not good to run a fixed cog on a freewheel threaded hub, even with a BB lock ring (same thread).  Riding fixed, it's nice to have a bailout gear of one or two teeth difference to get you home if you're tired, and Sheldon Brown recommended a freewheel two teeth bigger than your fixed cog.  It's sort of a PIA to flip the wheel, but maybe worth it for a longer ride.  I use two brakes because I like to ride the hoods and it works for energy conservation on long rides and emergencies.  Otherwise, just control your speed.  I'm only throwing this out there because I enjoy riding fixed.  In some ways they're kind of addictive.   I still like to drop like a stone down hills, but fixed is fun too.  I don't necessarily find a 'Zen' like connection to the bike.  If you're going to have a couple (or few) bikes, a fixed gear is a hoot!

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Re: Single Speeds

Dan Artley wrote:

Since I can't answer off list

FYI: I just noticed that the ability to send a PM has been re-enabled.Just click on the persons avatar to go to their profile , then click on the PM link.

ps, I saw a guy riding a (rigid) SS fixie when I did the Wilderness 101, which is a 101 mile mt. bike race in central Pa. with 10k+ climbing , back in 06.I'm not sure if he finished or not, as there were a record # of folks who DNF'd that year due to the heat.
(I was NOT one of them :-)

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Re: Single Speeds

So, the search for a single speed is over, and it's ready to start my bike commute.  My current salary wouldn't support a bigger investment, so, I went with, drum roll, a steel 2009 Schwinn Madison I found at Performance on Joppa for a song and a dance ($299) on clearance.  It's not US made, and it wasn't an LBS where I bought it, but times aren't what they used to be, and a bike that's hand built by virgins from gossamer threads in sun-kissed valleys will have to wait until things pick up.  The bike's bright yellow, the welds are beautiful, the components decent, and the ride is as smooth as anything I've ridden in years.  It really zips along too, so I'm very happy with it.  They still have another if anyone is looking for a really neat way to get from A to B.  I'm doing the Sea Gull on it, probably the Flatlands Tour, and maybe the Ride to See (although that had a couple of surprising hills that might be a bit of a struggle.

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