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Great ride tonight.  Had 2 non-members show besides me.  The 3 of us did around 8.5 miles in 1:20.  I don't know Patapsco well enough to give a good description of where we rode.  Trail condition was just short of excellent.  Very few unavoidable muddy sections.  The bike didn't come home clean, but I didn't feel like I had to hose it down before hanging it up.

That has me thinking - maybe if we weigh our bikes before and after riding, we can come up with a scientific measure of trail condition.  hmm...

Mar-25-10 08:49 am
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Yes, an overnight option might be a good idea.  I think there's lots of camping around the Raystown lake area.

LOL.  Doubtful I'll be dropping anybody.  And no apology needed.  I'm sorry for stirring things up.

Mar-24-10 09:54 am
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

I heard about it from an article in Dirt Rag Magazine.  I found the article posted online here.  Just sounds fun.

Mar-24-10 09:48 am
10 speed, double
Category: Technical

I have a Shimano Flight Deck Computer with the remote buttons.  I'd like to trade it for old chainrings or cogs or something.  I have an art project I'm working on.  The parts can be trashed, it doesn't matter.  The computer works, but was flaking out on me.  It stays on and everything, but it just doesn't get the signal from the speed pickup consistently.  It might just need batteries or a new base or something, I don't know. 

I really really really wanted a Garmin 500, so this was my excuse to get one.  It came off a 10-speed, double crank.  I think it might be triple compatible, but I'm not sure.

I was contacted off the forum.  I was told that if the ride was posted on the BBC web site that there were certain protocols that need to be followed.  It was purely my interpretation that this was for legal reasons, as I don't really see any other logical reason.  I apologize if I'm causing a stir and there's some other reasoning afoot.

The contact sounded very official, so I assumed this was a club official or moderator of some sort contacting me.  I've since looked back, and I'm not so sure anymore.  I asked the person if they were indeed a club official.  If they aren't, then I'll see if I can find an official position on the subject and report back what I find out.

As for the sign-in sheet, if there's some specific reason I need somebody's contact information, we'll exchange it after the ride.  Emergency phone numbers?  Sure, those are essential, but you don't need a signup sheet for that.  Individuals just need to have some common sense and carry that information in a smart place.  Now that I've said that, I'm sure to have an accident next time out, and nobody will be able to find my info, lol.

Anyway, there's no hard feelings here, just trying to have some fun with some like-minded people.

It was a pretty polite slapping down.  Not so much violence.  I understand the need to protect the club against litigation.  I suppose a single lawsuit could ruin us.

If I'm planning to ride by myself and I just want evrybody to know where I'm going to start from and at what time, is there an appropriate section of the forums for that?

So I guess that by posting a ride here, this becomes a club ride, I am agreeing to become a ride leader, and I will need to adhere to certain club protocols (sign-in sheet, helmet preaching, etc.) if the ride takes place.  I apologize for the mistake on my part.  This ride is hereby cancelled.  A very special thank you to all those lawyers out there.

I will, however, report back on what the condition of the Patapsco trail that starts near the Rolling Rd ParknRide was at 5pm on Thursday night, as I expect to be there at that time to commence a ride on my Khaki colored Rocky Mountain Slayer.  By myself.  Nobody's invited.  I'm serious.  Don't show up and expect to ride with me.

Weather permitting, we're gonna hit the trail Thursday night (3/25).  Leaving from Rolling Rd (by the parknride) at 5pm.  Intermediate pace/skill level, back to the car by 6:45.  Post here if interested in joining us.

Mar-23-10 02:50 pm
Is there a way to get a daily digest of ALL subscribed forums?
Category: Social

BrianW - From the tab menu up top - Users - My Profile - Subscriptions.  You can turn off the autosuscribe and you can also unsubscribe there.

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