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Oct-21-11 04:31 pm
Fine bicycling and culinary weekend
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

I echo that sentiment.  My first venture there but not my last.

Bruce Galanter

Oct-21-11 04:29 pm
A visitor potentially needs a ride from Canton to FIF for ride
Category: Social

Here is Phil's email to me:

I'm from out of town, but I brought mr bike and would love to ride tomorrow. Both the 7 valleys or covered bridges ride sound great. I'm leaning strongly towards 7 valleys because the start/end location works better for me, so that's my current plan, but I thought I'd check to make sure both rides are happening.

Also, although I will probably have a car I can use to get to the start, it's possible that I won't. If I need a lift, do you know anyone who might be able to give me one?  I could meet them anywhere within about a 30 minute bike ride of the inner harbor (I'm staying in the Canton neighborhood) and I have a folding bike that will fit in a car trunk. Probably won't need a ride, though.

Sep-18-11 09:03 pm
Santana Tandem Bicycle
Category: Technical

Santana Tandem Bicycle

Model:            Arriva
Year:            1984
Price $1000

[] email for details and pictures.]

Ed mentioned that Oregon Ridge parking was closed due to BGE activity.  Has it opened yet?


Some of us CWC volunteers could not complete the Civil War Century ride this year.  I will post a ride for Saturday, September 17 at 8 am if I can get a few souls to ride with me. 
Send me a note if interested.  I ride 13-15 but we could break up in two groups.  This will be self supported, of course.

Bruce Galanter  410-517-1056

Hi Jennie.

I take it you are a BBC member,  You should try to join a group about your speed.  Usually 10-12 mph is a good start.  The ride captain will have cue sheets and help you along.  The rides are usually 30 miles or so.  If you want to go alone, there are cue sheets available to members, go to Cue sheets, Baltimore County, less than 50 miles and look for something from Oregon Ridge or Fifth District.  As you become more skilled or faster, go up the speed levels to 13-15.  Most important, enjoy the area we live in.  Bruce

Irene is here and the ride is cancelled.  We will try again (this is the third cancellation).  The rain should be gone by noon, but the winds won't dissipate until late.

Aug-14-11 03:10 pm
Avoid frozen seat post
Category: Technical

My bike fits me fine.  It is similar to the 5.2 but a lot depends on the geometry and the individual.  I am 5ft 10 and my bike is a 56 cm.  The best is to go to a bike shop with your bike and have them measure you and the bike.  It can be fixed with a different angle on the handle bar stem, different length, height of seat, position of seat on the stem etc.  Good luck.   I hope it works out for you.  Bruce

Aug-14-11 10:57 am
Avoid frozen seat post
Category: Technical

Ok, call me dumb, but I bought a Trek Travel 5200 six years ago and when I recently went to change my seat, the upper part of my seat post developed a hairline crack.  I went to take out the post but it was frozen.  I looked up the bicycling manual and tried penetrating oil and tapping, drilled a whole and tried to move it with leverage, finally cut it down and sawed it off with a hack saw (very carefully).  Oh I also tried heat, but was afraid of melting the carbon.  Anyway, I finally cut it out.

When I put in the Ritchey post, the instructions said put a good bit of grease on the stem before putting it in the seat tube.  I checked my old bike and the tube came out fairly easy, and guess what?  It was lubed.  So, a little grease could have saved me about 8 hours of labor and could save you some trouble too.

I know, everyone knows to lube the seat post, but I didn't and Trek didn't either.

Sorry guys, but rain is a certainty on Sunday so we will have to postpone our ride from Oregon Ridge to Hampstead (13-15) for another day.

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