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Jan-06-11 07:58 am
Greatest Personal improvement
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Isaias ODaniell wrote:

You have to do a complete brevet series to qualify for PBP first.

Right, I figured I should practice 200's, 300's, 400's and 600's before trying 1200k in a country where I don't speak more than 12 words of the language anyway. Maybe 2015... That'd give me time to brush up on my French a bit too.

Jan-05-11 09:35 am
Greatest Personal improvement
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

I just wanted to get over 2000 miles, which I beat by 500+. Most of my distance comes from commuting 99% of the time and I'll be continuing with that. For 2011 I don't have any mileage goals but I do want to:
1. Work on fitness until I get to the point where I don't have to second guess if I'm ready for a ride on any given day.
2. Expand the distance from my house that I'll use the bike for transportation.
3. Do a little more mountain/mixed terrain riding.
4. Get in some bike camping trips - did one in '09 and really missed it in '10.

Once in my life I'd like to do the PBP but not this year. Thanks Bob for the Rando Ramble series, and sorry I missed it for January. Hope I can catch it next month...


I see it now - thank you!  (29 miles for 13-15 and 20 miles for 10-12)

Just wondering how many miles the Halloween Ride is for Sunday (10-12 and 13-15 joint ride) and if there is a cue sheet in the library for this ride.

I hope I'm putting this message in the right place.  It's about Dan Artley's Baltimore County Scenic Ride starting at Oregon Ridge.  I was putting this ride on "Map my Ride" (so I could check out the elevations) and noticed that at mile 20.7 the cue sheet says "S" TRO Pretty Boy Dam Rd (@ Falls).  From the GPS map, it appears we should go "L" @ Backbone and make an immediate R to remain on Pretty Boy, so that we can continue the cuesheet instructions.  Otherwise, if we go "S" TRO Pretty Boy Dam Rd (as the cuesheet currently reads) the road becomes Falls Road and we would have to make a "L" at Armacost Rd and then a R at Molesworth Road to catch up to the cuesheet instructions at 23.6.  Which way are we supposed to go?

Sep-27-10 07:43 pm
suggestions for a route from Baltimore to Annapolis?
Category: Social

Was wondering if anyone could give a recommended route from downtown Baltimore to Annapolis? Specifically down to the BA trail.  Or is there a cue from the library you could recommend?  Thanks Jeff

The question that keeps going through my mind is if the cyclist would still be alive today had the driver stopped and called for help right away?

If I'm reading it right the accident took place about 5:30 and the driver called at about 6:30 and the police were on the scene.  That means it may have been up to an hour where this poor woman was laying on the side of the road.  If anything for that the driver should be punished.  I hope the family files a civil law case.


Aug-30-10 11:31 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

My first BBC ride! Lot of fun, looking forward to many more.


Aug-28-10 11:02 pm
56.5 cm titanium Litespeed frameset for sale
Category: Technical

I am selling my 2003 Litespeed Siena frameset
Frame: titanium with carbon seatstays
Fork: carbon
Size: ML (56.5 cm c-c top tube)

This frameset is in overall great location. There is a scratch on the Litespeed logo and a chip in the clearcoat on the fork, but everything else is near perfect.

Jul-30-10 10:04 am
Topic: Accident
Bike hit Tufton and Belmont
Forum: Road Problems

On Wednesday, July 28, 2010 Mike, a medical student, was riding his bike down Tufton west of Oregon Ridge. He was just about to make a turn onto Belmont when an elderly woman struck him from behind. Mike flew over his handlebars and hit the road hard. He said that he could hear his bike being runover. An ambulance was called, but, fortunately, he only suffered some bad road rash. Mike was not wearing a helmet.

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