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Short but sweet ride on some of my fav Ho. Co. roads.( My) pace will be whatever I can muster after enduring back 2 back 60+ hr workweeks:-O

'Ridges & Bridges' 26.? miles = NO lunch / break (ride will shorter due to road closure)
  Start: GLN Glenelg High School - I-695 to Exit 16 I-70 West to Exit 80. Left on RT32 South. Go 3 mi. then Right at Light on Burnt Woods Rd. Go 0.9 mi. School on Left.

  Time: Sun. 10/09/201 @ 10 am

Sep-18-11 01:50 pm
Sat. 13 / 15 ride
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Eric, Thanks for leading the ride & for 'choosing cycling' in Ho.Co.:-)
I ended up riding alone because there were no other 16+ riders.Since I was alone , I opted to follow the Ye Olde BBC Glenelg route ,which is why you may have noticed me traveling in the opposite direction on Jennings Chapel rd. :-O Thanks again, Carl

Crack your whip
snatch this sweet tea from my lips
It tastes so good
but not so good for climbing
when it ends up on my hips
Ugh !

Oh, all this time
life's been a chocolate flavored dream
But now my metabolism has slowed
& so have I
or so it seems

Tell my wife,  I'll have another slice of cake
Tell your friends,  I've gotten fat & out of shape
Late last night I had ice cream & it was great
Tell your friends,  I've gotten fat & out of shape … mp;index=3

60 mi / 16 + ride added for 9/11
9 30 am ELK - Old marc train lot - railroad ave elkridge

gene b's elkridge to davidsonville ride


I'ts so good to feel the sun on my skin

I was starting to think the rain was never gonna end

My hometown was flooded and under water again

Gotta keep on ridin' till I reach the higher ground … re=related … re=related

I sent a pm to the person who posted the ride to alert them that it seems to be mis-categorized on the ride schedule.


That's great,it starts with an earthquake

then ride schedule mistakes

could this be the end of days?

It's the end of the world as we know it?
It's the end of the world as we know it?
It's the end of the world as we know it?
And I feel fine:-) … DDAD7D509C

I'm fairly certain that there is no mention of 'team BBC' because The Booty ride is just one of many NON-BBC events posted on the ride schedule which lists the events sponsor or contact person as 'ride leader'.

Annie Jackson, Administrative Coordinator

Annie began at 24 Hours of Booty in 2008 as the organization’s first intern and was hired as a fulltime staff member shortly thereafter. A Charlotte Native and UNC-Wilmington graduate and has served as Office Manager and Administrative Coordinator. She implements a variety of administrative processes, manages participant registrations and gift processing, oversees the workflow of interns and serves as the main point of contact for all organizational inquiries. … bout_staff

Aug-19-11 09:30 pm
A BMore Streets for People Advisory Board presentation
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

I'm looking forward to hearing more about Streets for People.  About 30 years ago I formed a group with that same name here in Baltimore.  We had a few very small successes.  I was also active in Baltimore Area Bicyclists Association, which had a terrific Baltimore Commuter Challenge -- cars. vs. bikes -- that got a lot of press..  I'm just now back in Baltimore after 12 years away in Cambridge, MA, and am looking for a way to participate.

Robert Kanigel

Aug-14-11 02:17 pm
Tips on hiring a bike in Baltimore and touring the area.
Category: Social

Greetings from across the pond,
If you happen to ride a 52 cm bike. I have a (spare) circa 1999 Trek 5200 you could use free of charge during your trip to B-more :-)
I'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip , & ,perhaps riding with you.

Aug-01-11 11:09 pm
looking for wheels
Category: Technical

After a decade of abuse,10's of thousands of miles & countless trips up & down my rock strewn 'driveway', the rear wheel on my 99 USPS trek has finally failed. Anybody out there have a wheelset for sale ? Any thoughts  / advice on these sram wheels I spotted on e-bay ? … 0567222933

ps, these are for my 'beater' bike.So, NO, Stuart. I do not want carbon , Campy , or wish to pay more than I did for my first (& only) car - $500 :-)

Thanks John !
(I was going to post this ride for Sun. :-)

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