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Jul-03-11 03:37 pm
Broke Shifter, need an Ultegra triple
Category: Technical
Jun-30-11 09:15 pm
whats involved
Category: Technical

Bob, thank you for the advice and helpful web sites. Bob J

Jun-29-11 10:11 pm
whats involved
Category: Technical

my road bike is to hard to pedal up the steep hills where I ride. I need a larger rear gear. has anyone replaced the rear wheel gear cluster? do I also have to replace the derailleur and chain? where would I get parts and approx. how much $ can I expect to pay? I'm very handy and fix about anything, so I'm probably going to do this myself unless I have to buy a bunch of specialized tools. Thank you for any advice

Always good to see the Ramble 'regulars' and some new folks discovering the Ramble rides as well.It was really great to see some folks that I haven't seen or ridden with for awhile ie. Jeff W,Sam W, Dave H etc.! Really great weather today  too :-)
Thanks , Rando Bob & all the other Ramble riders too.
ps, a few random comments heard during the ride."I thought the Ramble rides were about enjoying the scen-er-rrrrrrrrrrry ? "
"Look ,there's the waaaaaaaa-teeeeeeeeeeeeeer ! "
pps, mi. 78 - 102 was a bit of a struggle but a snowball and short break had me feeling well enough to risk 'the walk of shame' & enduring the wall of pain (the backside of College ave.) @ mile 129 - ugh!  I MADE IT ! ( all pain , no shame :-)
My, my, my ,
the  pace was so hard
Made me say ,
"Oh my Lord"
Thank you for blessing me
With a superfly ride
and two big thighs
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Sunday ! Sunday ! Sunday !

Come join Randonneur & ride leader extraordinaire Bob Wagner aka  'Rando Bob' as he hosts his Chesapeake beach Ramble ride.

Sunday ! Sunday ! Sunday !

Come ride with the Man , the myth ,the legend, Isaias "I'm ONLY riding 150 mi. today" O'Daniell

Sunday ! Sunday ! Sunday !

Come coast effortlessly for long periods of time while tucked snug inside the 20 mph  slipstream created by Jeff "Monster pulls" Adler

Sunday ! Sunday ! Sunday !

Chesapeake beach Ramble ride ,

BE THERE ! ! ! !

Jun-20-11 01:24 pm
T H A N K S !
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Thanks, as always, to Gene B for leading the ride.Doubly so, for also choosing cycling in Ho. Co. as the large green magnet on the rear of my truck implores folks to do:-)

Thanks,also ,to Ed C . for developing the route that we rode.Doubly so , as I've used part of this route countless times to ride to Glenelg :-)

Thanks ,so much, to the other folks who did the ride, for making the ride a success.

( would you please take a moment to reflect upon the importance of each of the 'roles' mentioned above by imagining how the BBC would be affected should one of those 'roles' be removed from the equation?) 

ps,special thanks,to Dave, for the company & the 'killer pace' ! :-O

pps, Dave & I were concerned as to why no one else had arrived @ the rest stop prior to our departure @ 11:50? ? ?

"Mt view to point of rocks"  cat.:16+   start: MTV Mt view middle school  time:9am   dist:84 mi.  Lunch @ mi.40 @ pizza joint or conv. store
Cue can be found in the library - 50+ Howard County

please note : I will not be able to pre-ride or drive the route
I say I'm in hell when I have to drive
just doesn't seem right
And my heaven is a nice ride under blue skies
I got carbon fiber and it's so light
Yeah, yeah, yeah, just want to ride

Keep it locked up inside don't talk about it
talk about the weather
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
Open up my head and let it out.......... little baby
Can't stand thinking bout another long, long ,drive
just want to ride

Treading trodden trails for a long , long , ride
ride , ride , ride , ride , ride , ride … re=related

Rain , Trains & Automobiles ! ! !
Great reports gentlemen.
Got back to my truck @ 5:55 w/o incident.Although, a white minivan blew by me going @ least 50 mph with mere inches between us.

I liked the route I chose to get back to my truck. It looks like I rode 11.2 miles after we departed ,though, it seemed like more. Which puts my mileage total @ 109ish.

Most of the route was VERY beautiful / scenic & very low traffic. I can see why some folks choose to drive far,far away to do these types of rides, but I still have a hard time justifying doing so.

  Thanks,for the milesmilesmilesmilesmiles :-)

ps, had to hit the snooze button far too many times, but was able to drag myself out of bed & bang out another 11 hours @ work today.

pps, flipped on the radio as I was pulling out my driveway to meet you.This is what came blaring out -
"I'm going off the rails on a crazy train" ! !
M-A-D-N-E-S-S :-O

Jun-11-11 08:09 pm
Susquehanna Paradise LONG ride

Bob & Isaias,
I'm hatching  a plan to meet you  near the md line, near  mile 32 on the cue . I think there's an exxon station / rest stop there?
what time do you anticipate being there?

Jun-10-11 08:03 am
Susquehanna Paradise LONG ride

Bob Wagner wrote:

The plan for the day is ride, ride, ride and take it nice and easy. I'll have close to 200 miles when (if) I get home. I'm hoping it'll still be light by then.

200 miles divided by 15 hours daylight = 13.3 mph avg. (not including reststops)deduct 1 hour for reststops = 14.2 avg

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