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Feb-04-10 09:27 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Grocery Store Run
04 February, 2010 19:51

It wasn't busy, but I'm sure the after-work-panic-cuz-it's-going-to-snow crowd had lines to the back of the store, earlier, right after work. And, that's why I waited until now.

I wonder when they started calling my part of Essex Urbanwood? current/hmm

Feb-04-10 06:41 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

This just in, rando Bob's Key West ride:

Click for a larger version

Feb-03-10 02:17 pm
Category: Social

paul wrote:

Hey - this is an international site.


How about an intergalactic site?

Who's Paul, Will?

Feb-03-10 01:54 pm
Category: Social

Thanks, Will. That's got it.

Feb-03-10 01:41 pm
Category: Social

No, it's set for Eastern.

Look at the time showing on your post to my reply. It's says 18:08:49 (6:08pm)

Feb-03-10 12:43 pm
Category: Social

Whoops... these posts are still showing up as GMT (I believe)

Feb-03-10 12:42 pm
Category: Social


Feb-03-10 12:30 pm
Category: Social

Somewhere, there's a clock that's set to the wrong time. Each post is showing up at the wrong time.

Feb-02-10 08:49 pm
A teenage driver who repeatedly tried to run a cyclist off the road
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

A teenage driver who repeatedly tried to run a cyclist off the road has been told by a judge sentencing him to nine months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, that he had made a “bit of an unfortunate choice of victim” – an off duty senior police officer.

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