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Sep-13-19 11:43 pm
possible bug
Category: Social

Why do I always get:
An error has occurred.
The requested page cannot be found.

#403 You are not authorised to view this resource.

When I try to use the cue sheet library?  Say for example: … tdown/430/
(Link from a ride (Dan's Loch Raven Loop) posted for 9/13)

Also there is no link to the cue sheet library from the main page that I see but googling it gives: … ;Itemid=74
And none of those links work either.  All this while logged in from my account

13-15 littluns Wild and Wonderful ride.  See schedule for details: … p;eid=4851

Jan-20-11 12:36 pm
iCalander is missing data
Category: Social

Seems like there is alot of functionality to zap calander we aren't using (thats the component that does the calander for the rides)  Like google maps, weather, share button to share on facebook

Jan-19-11 01:56 pm
iCalander is missing data
Category: Social

The ICS file generated by the site is missing the distance of the ride.  I'm thinking the best fix is to add the distance to the title (SUMMARY in the ICS file) so for example this coming Saturday's ride goes from:
Tour de Chase
Tour de Chase - 23 mi


Easier to parse ICS files then use regular expressions against the list view which does have that data:
Individual day:

Individual ride:

Jul-07-10 01:15 pm
Category: Social

So, should I post the rides I found so far in this thread?

Jul-06-10 03:01 pm
Category: Social

Any chance of having a page for all the weekly repetative rides in the area?  (i.e. the after work rides that are always the same during the week)  I know these aren't hosted by the BBC but may still be useful.  I'm thinking the information should be:
- Ride start location
- Time of ride start
- web site of the ride
- who is hosting the ride
- distances being offered
- avg speed
- comments

Jul-06-10 02:43 pm
insights about a wheel coming out of true?
Category: Technical

I think Sheldon Brown's advise on the high spoke count is based more on boxed rims then aero/semiaero rims.  Boxed rims like the Mavic Open Pro rims need more spokes then say semiaero Kinlin XR-300 rims so you need to factor in rim shape with spoke count.

I have a R28 SL3 Neuvation front wheel and replaced the matching rear wheel (its still in good shape) with a custom built Kinlin rim, 28 DT comp spokes, laced to a Powertap Elite+ hub (the reason for the new wheel)

colnagotifosi, the energy used up to tear the tire off your wheel may have been what saved it

Jul-02-10 08:20 pm
Thoughts on the Foxey Coxey Crash Sunday
Category: Technical
Forum: Riding Style

I think there is a big difference between:
- having aerobars mounted but not being in them while drafting someone or being in a position where you may need to use your brakes quickly
- having aerobars and being in them while drafting someone

I have aerobars on my bike (only have one bike) and even when I'm not in them I find it nice to have. They are a much easier place to put my bike computer (don't have to look down as far to see it so easier to keep my eye on the road) and it keeps my que sheet holder in a good position.  I only consider being in the aerobars when I'm solo, in the front of a pull, or way off the back (where I usually am)

BTW if you pull out of the pedals doesn't that usually indicate the cleat is worn, not the pedals?

Jul-02-10 04:52 pm
Has anyone ever tried out an ibike computer??? thoughts?
Category: Technical

So why an iBike?  I assume you want to be able to get power data to be linked to the GPS data so you're planning to get the cheap ant version? (iSport Wireless GT)

I use a powertap elite rear hub with my 705.  At the time the cheapest iBike that could send data to my 705 was the same price as my fully built powertap wheel.  Plus there was no good spot to mount it on my bike

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