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Jun-28-10 12:32 am
Why does the BBC support the corn roast every year?
Category: Social

Yes Ed,
I participated in the last year's corn roast.  It was delightful.
  But I believe it doesn't warrant a black out date every year.
  Just how many times can one do the Corn Roast?
  How many time can one do the Flatlands?
  How many times can one do the Tour de Chase or
  Tour de Bowleys or some others that I lead.
  It is sort of like been there; done that.
  The scenery never changes and probably the routes don't either.
  We as cyclists ride lot of roads in Baltimore County,as well as Howard, Anne Arundel,& Harford counties, do we support events in those counties in gratitude for riding those roads?
  I am leading a ride in Talbot County in August.   I have no problem with someone leading a 10-12 and/or casual ride on the western shore on the same date.
I understand that there will be cyclists who won't want to travel to Easton, Md, but what I am doing is giving them someplace different; a choice. Not a choice whether to ride under the BBC flag or not ride at all, but a choice of which ride, whether a hilly one on the western shore or flat one on the eastern shore.
At this time, there probably isn't another 10-12 pace ride scheduled on Aug 22.  This date isn't blacked out.   
Is there a routine in this new calendar prohibiting two rides of the same genra from posted?

Jun-27-10 11:26 am
Why does the BBC support the corn roast every year?
Category: Social

Remind us; Why does the BBC support the Old Fashioned Corn Roast Festival?

Hi ed.
   "When a ride is scheduled for a certain day, that day is black-outed" is false
  If you go back through the history, you will find that two 10-12 rides have been scheduled for the same day.  They were not scheduled for the same general area.   You may find other rides of the same category scheduled in the same day but different areas.
  It sure gives us a choice of which ride we want to do.


May-22-10 08:25 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

I thank Joyce S., Jeff C.,Pat V., Karen S. Lorri D. & Dan D. forjoining me on today's ride.
  The weather gave us a break. No rain as forecasted.
  Stopped at George's Deli for sandwiches.
  We ate lunch on the dock at Dundee Marina.
  We stopped at Marshy Point Nature Center to visit with Blossom, the 'possum. and other creatures. 

  As the weather gets better, the traffic gets heavier on Eastern Ave and Ebenezer Rd.

Probably had a better time with out the ride leader

  Although it is windy and somewhat chilly, this ride lends itself to windy conditions.
  See you casual riders there.  Bring your spouse for a mother's day dinner at the Wild Duck cafe.

Kent Island to Prospect Bay is canceled due to possible T-storms, but mainly because of the high winds.


May-01-10 08:38 am
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

I thank the 17 cyclist s for coming out for this ride Friday.   Most were cycling seniors, and a few BBCer's.  I thank the two couples who rode the tandems about the country side on a beautiful sunny day.
   There was an option of riding 25 miles or 34 miles.  There was group for each route.
   I drove to make sure that no one got lost or left behind.
   My left shoulder is still too tender to ride very far.  Instead of canceling the ride, or getting someone to lead the ride,I drove and lead the groups.
  One cyclist appreciated the availiabilty of the sag service.


The Easton- St. Michaels-Bellevue Ride has been cancelled due injuries sustained by the ride leader on April 15th while vacationing in Nashville, TN. I won't be on a bicycle for several more weeks
I looked over an old cuesheet and route, made some changes adding different roads. I haven't verified the mileages on the new cuesheet for this ride. I had it planned to verify mileages between turns this week.  Will have to this do later.
I deleted the ride from the calendar in this website.
Sorry.   Bud

I apologize for missing my own ride today.
  Somehow I overlooked today's ride on my schedule.
  I took a bad spill on my bike while on vacation in Nashville TN 11 days ago.   I am not yet able to ride my bike due to bad bruising to my left shoulder and chest area.
  I would have either canceled or been there just to hand out cue sheets.

   As for the upcoming rides in May, I will have to see how I feel to ride them. Weather permitting, of course.
   As for the Easton- St. Michaels- Bellue-Avon Loop ride on May 1st. I will have cancel that one as I have made changes to an old cuesheet and haven't verified the mileages between turns
   I was supposed to do that this week, but now I can't.

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