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I was hoping to edit the cue sheet I received last year to lead this ride later this month and will if I can find time to debug it prior.  But with the beautiful weather we've been having, the tulips may already be out in Sherwood Gardens and the azalea may be in the initial stages of starting to bloom too.  I've uploaded the cue sheet to Baltimore County rides under 50 miles titled "Sherwood Gardens".  ( … mp;id=230)  Right now it requires a bit of exploring with a number of street signs missing and mileage cues not all correct.  My exploratory test ride became 22 miles, but for the casual rider, you may cut out the Druid Hill Park loop and turn directly into the Hopkins campus which will cut several miles off.  I will update the cue sheet in the library as I get it down a bit better.

This is a really pretty ride, and if you're interested in urban riding, this will be a treat for a nice day.  Happy trails,

Dan Artley in Parkton

Apr-05-10 11:43 pm
The Forum is tiresome to use
Category: Social

Tomv (Valenti?) and all,

If I subscribe to all topics as you suggest, all messages come into my e-mail inbox from, not from any individual.  That may already limit my ability to reply to the sender and definitely limits my sorting capability.  If I do reply, there's no idea where it went as there would if it were e-mail.  Of the four replies so far, only Janet Goldstein actually identified herself (sort of the same as the old list, another of my peeves).  This just feels like some kind of soapbox to talk from that few people pay attention to as I'm hacking my patent bicycle medicine.  Maybe that's my own attitude coming through, but this forum seems so much less personal.

I would prefer a list serve or forum such as the Classic Rendezvous list, where its virtually a living room where we can talk bikes or subjects with people we know, people we'd eventually like to meet in person once we got to know them on line, not someone's impersonal pseudonym that might flame me if I write something they disagree with.

And because I may be reluctant to subscribe to all topics, I'm not getting e-mails that may be important to the club.  I used to check out all those advocacy postings when I went through my list of e-mails, but as a separate Forum topic that rarely affects me directly, its like clicking on some dancing pop up ad.  I just don't go there regularly.  I'll sign off now, I need to do something more positive.

Dan Artley feeling tongue tied in Parkton

Apr-05-10 06:56 pm
The Forum is tiresome to use
Category: Social

I agree with almost everyone about how nice the BBC's website is.  Calendaring, adding a ride with it's instant response is wonderful.  But the Forum is tiresome to navigate and slowly convincing me to ignore it.  All those choices and I can't view one without picking a topic.  I can switch to the topic view, but then I only get a page worth and have to wait for each next page to load.  If a topic is changed slightly, I don't see a way for you to link to the original easily, and  they're just building up in a big list that doesn't go away.  That's what archives are for.

I feel the old e-mail list was easy to manage and as much as some of us had failings with it, topics could be scrutinized by subject and deleted before reading if you wished.  Once read, it could be saved or deleted and you were done with it.  Like all e-mail they could be sorted by title, date, user name, etc.  It was easy to reply to the sender, or the whole list.  I could talk to others off list easily without having to format it as a reply through the Forum.   It was easy to set up your e-mail format so BBC talk e-mails would go into their own folder and not bother my wife unless she chose to see them. 

I suspect that others might be happy if I stopped posting to this list, and not care if I stopped reading,  but I've gotten to the point that I'm looking only once every few days or once a week when I decide to check the ride listings and oh, while I'm here, lets see whats on the Forum.  With the old list, it was my daily checking of the e-mail.  I just can't help but feel this is not helping the club.  I will keep riding and checking out what rides are on when I can make them.  It sure was great last Saturday.

Regards, and Happy trails,  Dan Artley in Parkton

Mar-18-10 06:40 pm
Search different forums to get an idea of what may work best for BBC
Category: Social

First, I agree with others about the value of the new website.  I particularly like the calendaring and how easy it is to insert new rides and cuesheets.  There are a couple of different e-mail conversation groups that use different styles of communication. is one that is similar to BBC's.  If you check the site out, its a good example of where the BBC's forum may go in the future.  It's BIG!  Topics never totally disappear, but to find an old one means scrolling through page after page.  I've probably not gotten very good at dissecting it, but the process doesn't come simply to me.  A topic can just keep getting larger with reposts, but if the topic changes even slightly, it becomes another topic.  Like BBC's site you have to log in to be able to post and to get full advantage of some items.

Another one that I have gotten used to and find works well for me is .  This covers only a few forums, and this site in particular are the archives for the individual forums.  This archive can be easily searched and is more intuitive to me.  You do have to sign up for the individual forums to be able to post to them, but their individual posts come in as a normal e-mail.  Also e-mail addresses and names are included in the topic, even in the archive so that it is easy to respond off list with a bit of copying and pasting for the subject and body of the post.

If you've used BBC talk and are subscribing to the BBC forum, you've got an interest in some form of biking.  Experiment with these.  These URL's I've linked to are an incredible resource for bicycle related information if you've got a question that can't be answered by friends or may not even be answered to your satisfaction from your local bike shop.  How to pack for touring, bike repair, frame geometry, etc.

More later,

Dan Artley in Parkton

Mar-16-10 04:32 pm
I'm not happy with the Forum and don't wish to lose the old Yahoo list
Category: Social

There may be a better way to do topics and e-mails on the forum, but it sure doesn't seem to be as easy as the old list serve.  The only way to view new topics is to check out one of twelve items then get into them.  The old items don't disappear as they would when you delete them.  The topics so far seem to stay forever creating more clutter on the site.  With the old list serve, it seems much easier to ignore and delete items you don't wish to view.  I can reply directly OFFLIST to someone I wish to.  The new list serve doesn't even give me an e-mail address to send to.  Please don't take down the old server before there's a consensus that we're actually improving e-mail.  I'll try to post a poll as soon as I can figure out how.

More later when I can find more time.

Dan Artley in Parkton

So for us Computers for dummies, What does that mean?

Dan Artley

Feb-17-10 05:32 pm
Yes, I am trying to torture you
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Love to hear about riding in Key West, though Rte. 1's not nearly as scenic as I'd hope.  Just watch out for those cars with "retired" bumper stickers and the ball capped drivers who's rubbernecks are pointing in any direction but the road.  A rider I really liked down there years ago was a triker with a plywood platform for Tripod, his three legged dog.

Happy trails,

Dan Artley in Parkton

ps:  Is it even possible to reply off list???

Since single driver cars will be directed to park off site, I'm inviting anyone in the Parkton, Hereford, South York County area to join me in carpooling to the event.  I do plan on staying a pretty good part of the time between 9 and 2 if the event is interesting, and I'm always on the lookout for stuff I just don't find in bike shops these days.  Please e-mail me off list at hydelake(at) if you're interested in joining me.  I'm certainly ready to get out for bikes& biking, even if not to ride!

Happy trails,  Dan Artley

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