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Good luck with Bike Florida Nigel.  I did it with friends in 2007.  What a great way to get an early start to the season.  I hadn't even remotely planned on doing a century, but was groomed for it as the miles grew every day of the seven day ride.  Jim Hudnal of the Oxen Hill bike club and a friend of Bob Moore's, now mine, was pushing me to more and faster miles as the week went on.  Strong coastal winds kept us from completing all the extra loops that day, but the riding was great!  The toughest part was coming back home to a pretty cold April.  Just wasn't as much fun putting all those clothes back on after riding in shorts for several days.

Have fun.


"No Hour of Life Is Lost That Is Spent In The Saddle" -  Winston Churchill

Gene Young and I were talking upcoming rides for 2011 and what we'd like to do.  The Bon Ton Roulet came up and it sounded like a great ride as described by Tom Valenti in a previous BBC newsletter.  The website shows a pretty cool seven day route.  It would be nice to get a group together for it.  Anyone?

Happy trails,

Dan Artley in Parkton

"I thought of that while riding my bike." - Albert Einstein, on the theory of relativity

I’d like to thank all those unsung heroes who create our rides, the cue sheet people.  Of course they lead rides too, but this is what makes riding in the Baltimore area so great, not just the beautiful roads and scenery that we’re known for, but people who lead us to the quiet roads, combine the routes for good rest stops, allowing you to discover roads that you’ve never been on before, and in areas you thought you’d known intimately.  We all like to ride, but sharing a ride with friends on a nice route is what it’s all about.  And making those routes/cue sheets easily available to all.  …  Isn’t it great that we can just grab a ride from the ride file repository?  Thanks.

Dan Artley in Parkton

"Life may not be about your bike, but it sure can help you get through it."
- Hallman

Sep-01-10 04:32 pm
Not really ready to drop ride listings...
Category: Social

Apologies in advance that I’ve not been able to predict my schedule in the long term for leading rides.  I have been trying to add a ride on short notice when I’ve noticed a hole in the weekend schedule for my ride pace.  As much as it would be nice to have a large group for one of my rides, I’m honored when I get seven, eight or more.  And it’s usually easier to lead a smaller group.

I too am frustrated by the Forum, and sorry that our old e-mail was summarily dismissed.  When I tune in to the forum, I immediately select the topic view so that I get postings by newest to oldest rather than the twelve separate headings that only seem to make me avoid checking.  I’m also frustrated by the useless quantity (31 pages worth at this time) of backed up postings I’ll never try to digest again.  In the old e-mail, I’d only save those I might actually wish to save.

I can subscribe to a forum, but postings only come from ‘Baltimore Bicycle Club’, not the person who sent it.  I’d prefer to be able to reply on or off list.  As I don’t care to check all headings for the forums, I’m also discouraged from posting at all if my words may not even be viewed.

I’m reminded of an unnamed college that instead of laying out all their walks in advance, allowed students to create their own pathways from building to building and across campus, and paving the most used pathways after they’d been determined by utility.  Can’t we re-establish the BBC talk e-mail and see which gets used more fully?

Dan Artley in Parkton

"Cyclists are open-minded.  Cyclists are egalitarian.  Cyclists share a fellowship of the wheel that can overcome all political, social, racial and economic barriers.  Except for recumbents."
- Ted Costantino

So you want to train for the Civil War Century!  How about a hilly metric close to Baltimore?  I’ve added a 13/15 mph pace ride for Sunday, August 29 at 8:00 am from Oregon Ridge Park.  A lovely ride heading west of Falls Rd. going in the reverse direction of a few roads you're used to, through Prettyboy Reservoir, east into Madonna, & back.  Lunch stop is in Madonna and/or Monkton Station.  It’s hilly with a few roads you've not been on in a long time, one or two you may not have visited, flattens out in the middle, then hilly pretty much to the end.  It’s a workout, but quite a stunner!  Almost all quiet roads.  A cue sheet is available at: … amp;id=242
Feel free to join us with a shorter ride, a 48 miler that does the same route for the first 30 miles with a cue sheet at: … amp;id=238 (there will be no official ride leader for that and I won’t be bringing those cue sheets to the ride start).  I will most likely be leading from the rear as I'm a pretty slow climber.

See you Sunday,  Dan Artley

"No Hour of Life Is Lost That Is Spent In The Saddle" -  Winston Churchill

I've just added a ride for this Saturday.  The 13-15 pace was blank and I'd like to get some miles in.  Lunch will be either at Paisano's or a snowball at Bonkies for the short 12 miles back to the start.  It would be nice to have some company.  A cue sheet for the ride may be found at this link: … amp;id=258 
Ride description below.

13 - 15 mph - Dan's Winter Warmer Ride, 40 miles - 9:00 am - 40. mi - Dan Artley [/b]410-357-5513 (
START: NCK NCRR Trail – Parkton I-695 to Exit 24 I-83 North to Exit 31. Right on Middletown Rd. Left on Frederick Rd. to Stop Sign. Left to remain on Frederick Rd. Park at dead end at the NCRR Trail.
NOT A TRAIL RIDE! A hilly warmer of a road ride with several large hills and beautiful scenery.  Most of the climbing is before lunch, mile 22, with at least 1600 feet of climbing by the 17 mile mark.  There are several places to get food as well as a bike shop in New Freedom.

Dan Artley

"Life may not be about your bike, but it sure can help you get through it."  - Hallman

I agree that eliminating blackout dates is a two edged sword.  But I also choose to do my own ride when I cannot make it to, or wish to go to a BBC event.  Why is Kent County not a black out date?  Why is the Flatlands tour?  I enjoy supporting the club, the camaraderie, and riding with friends.  Some rides I like to do, some hold little for me.  Not to belittle those organizing events, I love most of them, but the Flatlands tour with no shade, almost no place to get water or food, and with more and more development has outlived it lure for me.  It's easy riding and great tandeming, but I'd rather ride some lovely hills with a bit more scenery.

Not wanting to eliminate blackout dates, is there a problem with inviting 'friends' to do a ride on the BBC Forum?  I actually look forward to seeing new rides pop up on the calendar for a weekend that may cater to the location and weather.  If a ride is farther than I'd like to go, perhaps because something came up that precluded the extra time for travel, wouldn't it be great if a ride showed up on the calendar that fits your immediate needs?  If its a 90 degree, blazingly hot day, a new ride starting at 8 am might be perfect.  It's an honor if 40 people show up for a scheduled ride, and it would be unfair to change a start time due to weather for a ride that's been on the schedule.  I'm happy if I schedule a ride the day before and anyone shows up.

The new format that allows instantly placing a ride to the calendar is a great feature that works for these changing times.  I'm choosing to embrace its possibilities where I can.

Happy trails,

Dan Artley in Parkton

Apologies to Bruce Galanter for doing another ride so close to his, but I think we both posted it around the same time.  Check the description below and follow the link for the cue sheet if you're interested.  I'd love the company, but will go even if by myself.  It is a pretty ride.  Hope you can join me.
Ride Date:     Monday, May 31 9am - 2pm
Location:     ORR Oregon Ridge Lodge
Distance:     48
Ride Leader Name:     Dan Artley
Phone Number:     410-357-5513
This is a somewhat hilly ride that goes the reverse direction of some familiar roads and through Prettyboy Reservoir. Lunch is at the Painted Pig at mile 31, but be prepared for it to be closed for Memorial Day. A cue sheet is available at … amp;id=238 "Dans Oregon Ridge two Fifty Milers". We'll be doing the first. I'll only have a few cue sheets available at this late notice.

May-26-10 04:17 pm
grade of steep section of Ivy Hill
Category: Social

I saw 23% on one of those charts.  Hard to brag for me tho with a 28 x 32 on my primary ride.  I don't even have to get out of the seat, just lean forward to keep the front wheel on the ground.  The days of my conquering it in a 42 x24 are long gone though.
Happy trails,
Dan Artley in Parkton

Apr-06-10 09:04 am
The Forum is tiresome to use
Category: Social

Thanks Ed, it was nice seeing you as well Saturday.  But I've now got a new reason to be steamed about the Forum.  If you like your privacy, try to google your name to see what comes up.  That was discussed this weekend, so I just tried it.  My name is now readily available for postings I've made on  My club e-mails from BBC Talk were never released to the world wide web.  This is what I've been trying to avoid by not joining Facebook!!!

Dan Artley disappointed in an international lack of privacy in Parkton

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