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I am posting this request that I just received from Alex

"We are very much in need of volunteers for the first course marshaling shift of the day, which is from 7:30am to 11am. This is when some of the biggest fields will be on course, so we could use all the manpower we could get.

Volunteers will get coupons toward beer or a meal, some nice stickers we had printed up from Hub Labels, and a chance to win $400 worth of kit from Velocio.

And the beer garden opens at 11 am, so that coincides nicely with the end of shift! Would appreciate if you could send another reminder out the Club.

Thank you and we hope to see you tomorrow.


I will provide Alex's phone number to anyone interested if you pm me under separate cover.  And remember: think 'Beer Coupons'!

Steve Feldman

Oct-23-18 06:03 pm
The Glencoe Roads
Forum: Road Problems

All done. Looking good...

Oct-12-18 04:04 pm
The Glencoe Roads
Forum: Road Problems

Steve Feldman wrote:

As mentioned, Beaver Dam between Shawan and near Gilroy, is currently getting outfitted for a new suit of clothes.  She's still slightly undressed, so avert your eyes.....

OK - It's safe.  She's fully dressed now.  Just now awaiting her make-up....

Oct-05-18 06:58 pm
The Glencoe Roads
Forum: Road Problems

As mentioned, Beaver Dam between Shawan and near Gilroy, is currently getting outfitted for a new suit of clothes.  She's still slightly undressed, so avert your eyes.....

Mar-13-18 05:07 pm
Discuss Options Presented by City to Improve Safety on Roland Ave
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Jeffrey   Marks wrote:

       This March 20 Public Meeting follows the Dec Meeting between the Roland Park Imp Assoc, Bikemore, Eddie's of Roland Park, and interested cyclists to improve safety on the narrow Cycle Track.  Everyone agrees that the Cycle Track wasn't working, though Bikemore had reservations about restoring curbside parking and reverting back to  a conventional bikelane between the parked cars and moving traffic.  The City agreed to restore curbside parking in the block by Eddie's.  The City also agreed to consider removing a lane of traffic to provide additional room for bikes.  If a lane of traffic is removed, there are two scenarios for accommodating bikes.  One is to widen the narrow 6' Cycle Track and to also have a traditional bikelane, giving cyclists the choice of where to ride.  The other is to restore curbside parking and have a wide area between the parked cars and the traffic lane for cyclists.  Rubber humps would provide separation to keep cars from encroaching on the bike area.
       To learn about this innovative approach and be part of the planning process, come to the March 20 Public Meeting, at 6 pm, at Roland Park Elem School, one block north of Eddie's and Starbucks.
Jeffrey H. Marks

Thanks for the heads-up, Jeffrey.

Option 1 - having a cycletrack AND a traditional bike lane with the rider's choice as to where to ride - seems like one dumb idea to me.  If there is any rule of thumb that we could probably all agree on with respect to interacting with motor vehicles, it is to be predictable in your actions and positioning.  Option 1 is a FAIL, IMO....

The State of NJ just passed a law requiring bike rider and pedestrian safety information to be included in their driver’s license written exam to include. 'Bout time.   Hope this takes elsewhere... … -139118925

Roger Knable wrote:

Use caution when making a left from Tufton onto Greenspring at the new roundabout.  Some cars coming into the circle (from your right) on Eastbound Worthington have sped thru as if they had the right of way, instead of yielding to traffic already in the circle.  I've seen this on my bike and in my car as well.  Maybe the yield instructions are not clear or the drivers are unaccustomed to roundabouts.  Better safe than sorry.

Good point.  Thanks.
Wait - You mean you're expecting motorists to drive safely and lawfully...even when interacting with cyclists?!?  Well, I hope they get educated.  Trying to make that turn previously during a busy time of day was not good.   We'll see how this goes.

The roundabout is complete at Tufton/Worthington.  I typically don't ride through that area, but it looks like it will be a helluva lot easier to negotiate that interection on 2 wheels than it was previously.

Aug-08-17 05:01 am
National Park Service Raising Price of Senior Pass 8/21/17
Category: Social

...but I mean that in the nicest possible way....

The National Park Service Senior Pass for those of you (us...) 62 years of age and older will increase from $10 to $80 on August 21.   This is a lifetime pass that allows you to enter a national park free with all occupants in your car. You can sign up for the program now, either at a national park, or file online with an additional $10 processing fee.  I did the latter just yesterday ( ).


Jul-28-17 10:14 am
Category: Technical

Ed Cahill wrote:

Hi Jim
I have a Feedback Ultimate that you can have. In perfect working condition. I can bring it to one of this weekend rides if you are interested.

I've had a Feedback Ultimate for years.  Great stand.  That's a very generous offer, Ed!

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