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Just FYI -

There are several incorrect dates posted in the Ride and Events Calendar for the regularly recurring Tues and Thurs evening rides leaving out of the Western Run (Shawan Rd.) parking lot at 5:15pm.  Rides leave on Tues and Thurs only – not on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, or Sun as shown on the Ride Calendar.   

The published ride description (reprinted below) is correct; posting dates on the Calendar are…er…messed up a bit.  How to fix this???

Between April and September, our group meets every Tuesday and Thursday between 5:15-5:30 at the Western Run P&R (Shawan Road and I-83). We ride between 22-29 miles depending on the weather, who shows up, evening plans, etc. The ride is w/i Northern Baltimore County. The terrain is moderately hilly to hilly, with no "killer" hills (of course, it's all relative). Waiver sheets are available, but no cue sheets because, as noted, our route varies.

Apr-10-12 08:55 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

SZ - What's the s/w and the source of the wind data? Thx. SF

Glyndon Figure 8: 10:00am - Meadowood Park.   16+, but no real rush...

^^ Thanks for leading the ride, Ed.   It was a spirited ride.

Dec-01-11 09:31 pm
Topic: Ouch!
Category: Social

Mark Hochstein wrote:

I was riding eastbound on Benson Mill Rd between Yeoho and Cedar Grove. It happened so fast that I didn't get any vehicle discription - and since I didn't let actually hit me I'm sure it would be hard to charge them with anything. Big lesson learned!

You have got to be (bleepin') kidding.  Benson Mill Rd. in that stretch is just a little ~country lane!  Hope your paper-hanging days come to an end soon...

Nov-21-11 04:49 pm
Your ideas for next year's dinner/program?
Category: Social

Steven Feldman,
Dupe!  Where's the Delete Button?  New Guy can't delete (yow!)...

Nov-21-11 04:49 pm
Your ideas for next year's dinner/program?
Category: Social

Can't please everyone....
I enjoyed it.  Timing of the awards was good, IMO.

A New Guy.....

Aug-07-11 07:34 pm
Category: Technical

Fishing around and resurrecting this thread...

I use one of the simplest CO2 inflators out there.  I think it's an Innovations,  but it's about the size of your pinky, bent at a 90° angle.  Very compact, effective, and contrary to what I've heard some say, you can indeed control the flow very well.  Have never had a problem with the seals at all in 8-10 years use.  But I use tubes with threadless stems whenever I can, so that may help....

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