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Jan-26-17 05:25 pm
Category: Social

How y'all doing?

-- Hanging in there?  Looking forward to mowing the lawn (of course, NOT REALLY)?
-- Meh.  Too early to tell?
-- Sick?  Got the crud?
-- Sick of it?  Fed up and won't take it anymore?
-- Totally verklempt?  Can't really speak about it?
-- Everything is 'Hello Kitty'? Sugary ad nauseum?

Just checking in....

Sorry - duplicate post....

This truck depot and maintenance facility is on the Balto. Co. Ag Research Center on Shawan Rd.  That area is already impacted by the newly-constructed gas pipeline staging area on Shawan and the unsightly high fencing on Beaver Dam Rd.   

I sent my e-mail to Kamenetz yesterday and I encourage you all to do the same.

Dec-21-16 04:41 pm
Category: Technical


Dec-17-16 06:19 pm
Category: Technical

Jim -

Sorry if this was unclear.  The thread is titled as 'FS (For Sale): Wahoo Kickr v2 - 1 month old'. 


Dec-17-16 10:08 am
Category: Technical

One month old Wahoo Kickr v.2 (the newest version) in original box/original packaging. Comes with Shimano freehub plus 11-spd cassette and supplemental Campy freehub (an additional $69.00 value). You know what this is; I will let the pics speak for themselves. Thanks!

Nov-04-16 06:52 pm
One of the last warm weather rides
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Yupper - Nice photos!  Good eye for layout and composition.

I've worked the Barlow rest stop each of the last 5 years, usually finishing up at closing, so I never managed to make it back to the Thurmont start.  This year, I did go to Thurmont for the end.   Now, I've ridden my fair share of centuries and other sponsored rides over 30 years of cycling, but I can't recall ever being so impressed with the efficiency of an event and most especially the hospitality displayed by all at Thurmont.   From the tents, to the ice cream, and music, and food, and all the people driving's a really good show.

The CWC is a great venue - second to none in a ride of that size or even larger.   I've ridden the volunteer ride(s) several times, but I don't know - I may have to duck out one time next year and to participate with the group at large!

Nice job to all involved. 

Aug-27-16 11:36 pm
Category: Social

^ Bingo. 
I don't know how else to say it, but 'something ain't right' here...

Aug-27-16 06:55 pm
Category: Social

It smells fishy to me.  According to reports, the truck was stopped at the SS facing Dover when the cyclist came downhill on Dover (heading ESE), apparently trying to negotiate the right onto Byerly.   Personally, I think that even if the corn was high, it would not interfere appreciably with the line of sight into the turn, nor would it prevent line of sight to the vehicle stopped farther across the road.  The only thing that 'makes sense' to me is if the cyclist just lost control, turned way wide, and plowed into a stopped vehicle...but that does not 'make sense' on such a benign turn.

You all are correct, we may never know....
Either way, such a shame.

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