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In fairness, wider shoulders will not eliminate road hazards resulting from "a number of bicyclists filling the travel lane" on a ~50 mph highway, just below the crest of a hill - if, in fact what the writer asserts is true.  Putting a proper shoulder on Uniontown Rd. would no doubt be an excellent improvement.  However, it's not just road conditions that are of concern here.  We as a cycling community must always remember to ride safe and put our best foot forward by demonstrating safe and predictable behavior whether the road is as we would hope it to be, or not. 

Dec-16-13 08:37 pm
Topic: Sad news
cycle accident death
Category: Social

I understand that Decesaris is contesting the charges (and fines) in court.  I also understand that her family is quite prominent in the community - as in the DeCesaris Cancer Institute in the AA Medical Center and etc.  Imagine that.....

The last time I rode this ride, I had:

- an initial flat, then
- my right shifter assembly broke requiring my riding in a fixed gear, then
- I took an inadvertent detour from the cue sheet, and finally,
- a second flat.

I think if I go on this ride, maybe I should have 91 predialed on my phone or something.....

Aug-21-13 05:39 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

16 riders (!), some new (to me) faces, nice day, some sweating involved.  I understand that the new bathrooms at the Sheetz are 'not to be missed'. 
Cue sheet error now fixed courtesy of a tip from a Mr. Baumgardner. 

I had a great time.  Thx for coming out!

Feb-26-13 07:27 pm
I am trying to find out if presta or schrader valve stems matter?
Category: Social

Sorry to go off-topic here, but I only use threadless tube stems.  Costs a ~buck or so more than the conventional, but threadless just works best in the chuck of my 20 yo Silca floor pump.  Tight fit' no tug-of-war pulling it off.  Bellisima!

Wow!, but watch that spike point!

^Who Hoo!  Who needs cheese danish?!? current/wink

Chris Tsien wrote:

For those like me with bad eyes, I've uploaded the cue sheet for the 101 mi route in the Other, 50+ directory.
I used 12 pt sans serif font, all uppercase, single page (no map -- I'll just try to keep up with Janet)

You mean the older, age 50+ category, right?  current/tongue
Looking forward to it; should be nice weather.

Jun-13-12 09:34 am
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Maybe try the regular T & Th ride out of the Western Run Park and Ride (just W of I-83 on the north side of Shawan).   Friendly ride; not too fast, but you can always jump out ahead if you like.  Pay no attention to the posted ride dates (they're wonky...): … ;Itemid=92

Actually, it is posted correctly at 5:15 am.  Personally, I just drink a lot of coffee, stay up all night, and go!   current/tongue

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