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Regarding getting around the B & A closure, it appears that Little Joyce Ln doesn't go through to the Trail.  Therefore, you will need to continue south on Ritchie Hwy a short distance to Arnold Rd, where you turn right to pick up the trail.

To get information about the B & A trail being closed at Joyce Lane, I called the number Cindy left. The person who answered this morning referred me to the B & A Trails Office at 410 222 6141.  The trails office didn't return my call.
     Looking at the detailed AA County Street Map, it appears there are ways around the trail closure.  Southbound riders can turn left (TL) at Glen Oban Dr, about 1/2 mile before the trail closure.  Then  turn right (TR) onto RT 648 south that parallels the trail. Next  TR from 648 onto Little Joyce LA which ends at the trail.  If Little
Joyce looks too private, continue a little further on 648 and see if the short right turn to access the trail past the bridge closure works.  If not, TR onto Ritchie Hwy and in 1/2 mile turn right onto the ARNOLD SHOPPING CTR THAT CONTAINS THE AAA.  You should be able to pick up the trail at the rear of this shopping center. 
      Since children use this trail, the rangers are probably reluctant to suggest a way around the closure that goes a short distance on a busy road.

Sep-13-21 08:34 pm
Great Riding, historical towns, and a spectacular Naval Academy Concert
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

       Five people who prefer rides closer to home came out for this fun, 30 mile ride The first leg, using a combination of wide shouldered Hanover Pike and Old Hanover Pike, followed a historic RR still in use.  After enjoying sticky buns at Snickerdoodles in historic Hampstead, we zoomed down  " racetrack like" Blackrock Rd, and then continued south on a scenic stretch of Falls Rd.  Instead of regrouping on the road, faster riders stopped at Veloccino's. Then we headed west on Butler Rd, and did a challenging climb up Piney Grove (actually not bad on an e bike).  Then we took a scenic stretch of Old Hanover Pike and passed by a Boring town.  Lastly we retraced a couple miles of Hanover Pike - quite pleasant in light Sunday traffic - to return back to Glyndon. People brought or purchased lunch to eat at a park across the street from the historic train station.  We rode 4 blocks on RR Ave, arriving just in time to hear the Star Spangled Banner,  and enjoyed the outdoor Naval Academy Concert, in honor of Glyndon's 150th Anniversary, and in memory to the people who died in 9 - 11.

      I  thank Gene Bayer for helping me get the right GPS coordinates.  I added the Glyndon - Hampstead -Butler Ride to the BBC Cue Sheet Library (Baltimore County rides under 50 miles).  I  encourage club members to also focus on good riding opportunities near home.

Sep-05-21 05:19 pm
After hurricanes, torrential rains, floods, and tornadoes; riding in light rain isn't so bad
Category: Social

        I enjoyed a 32 mile ride with intermittent light rain.  After reading about hurricanes, floods, downed trees and powerlines, heatwaves,  and tornadoes in AA County; I found it pleasant to ride in a little intermittent  light rain.  I took advantage of the lighter traffic to ride from home in Pikesville, and to use better designed roads (Park Heights, Butler, Hillside, etc). 

        Snickerdoodles has added a lot of outdoor seating.  The staff is very nice.  They  welcomed me, and said that the bakery plans to add some add'l outdoor seating in back, along with cold water.  Pastry was good, and many customers are glad to be back.

Jul-04-21 11:49 am
Updates on Linesboro Road and Simpson Rd
Forum: Road Problems

       I wish to suggest newly repaved Linesboro Rd - which now has 3' smooth shoulders - as an alternative to York St and Water Tank Rd.  To access Linesboro Rd, instead of turning right at York ST, continue straight on Hanover Pike.  At the TL just before Linesboro Rd, turn right.  This wide residential street goes into Linesboro Rd, where you make another right. 
    Now for the bad.  At mile 14.8 there's construction at Simpson Rd.  Be cautious on traversing about 2 miles of gravel, etc.

     I'm concerned about the diagonal RR tracks on well travelled RT 216 (just after mile 18.4).  To avoid these hazardous tracks, I turn right just before the tracks.  This level, paved side road makes a semi circle , crosses the tracks at a 90 degree angle, before returning  to the main RT 216.
     Lastly,  Walt showed me a pleasant back Rd that bypasses a stretch of Freeland Rd.  After turning left at mile 42.0 onto Oakland Rd, turn right onto Miller Rd.  Miller Rd will connect to Freeland Rd, where you turn right to pick up the route.

May-24-21 09:06 pm
Limited Outdoor Seating Now Available
Category: Social

   With the pandemic having eased, Palmissano's has re-opened the covered pavilion and has also provided picnic tables in the adjacent field, provided it's not too wet. Coffee bar is also open all day. Remember not to lean bikes against building, and to wear a mask inside.

      Website shows owners smiling.  After a tough time in the food business, things have improved, and we can enjoy eating outdoors in scenic Baldwin.

Mar-14-21 05:35 pm
Saw Many Riders on the Glyndon BBC Ride that I led today
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

     Although due to wind only 1 other person (Sonny Morstein) showed up on today's 30 mile BBC ride that I led out of Glyndon; we saw about 30 - 40 riders.  Yes, we encountered wind that slowed us down at times.  But nevertheless we had a good time.  And it was great seeing so many enthusiastic cyclists, and talking to some of them at Veloccino's.  With spring approaching, COVID-19 cases having leveled off in Maryland, and many people including myself having been vaccinated; I would like to see more people leading and participating on BBC rides.  Naturally we should adhere to the protocols that the Board has implemented.  Let's get outside, enjoy cycling, and celebrate spring. 

Glyndon Ride is ON.  Winds will make temperature feel lower.  Dress layers.

If winds turn out to be sustained at over 15 - 20 MPH on March 14 Glyndon Ride, then I will cancel ride.  An occassional wind gust won't be sufficent reason to cancel ride. If I need to cancel Sunday's 11 am ride, then I will put a notice on the BBC website by 9:30 am.  If there's no notice, then ride takes place.  On plus side; dry, sunny, mild weather is predicted for tomorrow.

Jeffrey H. Marks

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