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May-24-21 09:06 pm
Limited Outdoor Seating Now Available
Category: Social

   With the pandemic having eased, Palmissano's has re-opened the covered pavilion and has also provided picnic tables in the adjacent field, provided it's not too wet. Coffee bar is also open all day. Remember not to lean bikes against building, and to wear a mask inside.

      Website shows owners smiling.  After a tough time in the food business, things have improved, and we can enjoy eating outdoors in scenic Baldwin.

Mar-14-21 05:35 pm
Saw Many Riders on the Glyndon BBC Ride that I led today
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

     Although due to wind only 1 other person (Sonny Morstein) showed up on today's 30 mile BBC ride that I led out of Glyndon; we saw about 30 - 40 riders.  Yes, we encountered wind that slowed us down at times.  But nevertheless we had a good time.  And it was great seeing so many enthusiastic cyclists, and talking to some of them at Veloccino's.  With spring approaching, COVID-19 cases having leveled off in Maryland, and many people including myself having been vaccinated; I would like to see more people leading and participating on BBC rides.  Naturally we should adhere to the protocols that the Board has implemented.  Let's get outside, enjoy cycling, and celebrate spring. 

Glyndon Ride is ON.  Winds will make temperature feel lower.  Dress layers.

If winds turn out to be sustained at over 15 - 20 MPH on March 14 Glyndon Ride, then I will cancel ride.  An occassional wind gust won't be sufficent reason to cancel ride. If I need to cancel Sunday's 11 am ride, then I will put a notice on the BBC website by 9:30 am.  If there's no notice, then ride takes place.  On plus side; dry, sunny, mild weather is predicted for tomorrow.

Jeffrey H. Marks

Steve, thanks for the reminder.  The time change is one reason I scheduled tomorrow's ride to begin at 11 am.

Feb-19-21 09:31 pm
Couple road a Tandem, self contained, from LA to Boston at age 74
Category: Social

After retiring from Headmaster at McDonough School in the 1970's and working on education until the early 1980's, Bob Lamborn and his wife Barbara Kessler, embarked in 1984 on a cross country bicycle adventure they dubbed "Lamborn & Lamborn". Between 1984 and 2006 the couple rode a tandem 48,000 miles in 42 states; and in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Mexico, and Scotland.  Bob also became a speaker, writer, instructor, advisor, consultant, mapmaker, and event planner for the bicycling fraternity.  He and his wife designed a 2,500 mile route on the Delmarva Peninsula called, "The Great Delmarva Bicycling Trail". 
       Besides bicycling, Bob Lamborn chartered McDonough through stormy times in the early 1970's, when the military was unpopular. Bob changed the school from a Military Academy to a more inclusive school that began admitting blacks and women.  Colleagues credit Bob's changes with saving the school.  For more information, see the Obituary on page 8 of the Feb 19 Sunpaper.

Dec-29-20 09:16 pm
Historic White's Ferry connecting Poolesville and Leesburg has Closed
Category: Social

    Bicyclists on the unpaved C & O Canal use this ferry to access the paved W & OD Trail; or to purchase supplies, access a bike shop, and lodging in Leesburg.  This last remaining ferry crossing of the Potomac River had operated since 1782.  The ferry company (White's) had solid profits.  The reason for the closing was a land dispute with the owner of Rockland Farms. White's couldn't prove that it had ever acquired property for a landing.  In the early 1950's Rockland and White's had negotiated use of a small land parcel.  Then as the property eroded and the river shifted, in 1981 White's built a stronger retaining wall to enlarge and protect the landing - without receiving permission from Rockland.  Negotiations that had been going on since 2010  to provide compensation to Rockland for use of its land failed.  Neither Loudon County nor Virginia stepped in to use arbitration or condemnation power to secure the landing property for White's; so ferry operations had to cease. 
     Unfortunately, everyone loses by the failure to make a deal.  The last ferry crossing is gone.  Bicyclists have no safe way to cross the Potomac.  This low key crossing had provided relief to motorists and cyclists, without harming the area, in a region overrun by traffic and having very few bridge crossings.  Even the owner of the Rockland Property said that not having the ferry would make their commute longer and more stressful on crowded Route 15.  PERHAPS LOUDON, VA, ROCKLAND, AND WHITE'S WILL REALIZE THAT ALL PARTIES WILL BENEFIT BY MAKING AN AGREEMENT THAT WILL ALLOW THE FERRY TO CONTINUE OPERATING.

Nov-30-20 12:49 pm
Outdoor Pavillion Closed for Duration of Pandemic
Category: Social

The manager at Palmissano's indicated that for the duration of COVID-19 he has to close the Outdoor Pavillion. He said that the Pavillion doesn't have enough room for parties to socially distance, and he was busy working inside and couldn't police the pavillion.

       The manager indicated that it was OK to drink coffee or snack on the edges of the parking lot, away from customers entering and leaving the store.  Also, when the adjacent field is dry, he is OK with customers eating there. (He doesn't plan to put any chairs or tables there).

      Bicyclists should adhere to these necessary safety protocols.  Palmissano's has been good to us, and food establishments are having a difficult time.  Once the vaccine gets administered things will improve.  And when not eating, remember to MASK UP.

Nov-07-20 10:38 pm
Black Baltimore Bike Groups Find Freedom
Category: Social

    A front page article in Saturday's Nov 7 Sunpaper explains how a Black Baltimore Group organized by Shaka Pitts has resulted in more minorities riding bikes as a way of socializing, and improving their physical and mental health.  The group provides instruction on safety, repairs, and helps people earn money to purchase a bike.  According to Shaka, "THERE ARE SOCIOECONOMIC AND RACIAL DIVIDES WHERE IT FEELS AS IF BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT ACCEPTED TO CERTAIN AREAS UNLESS THEY ARE ON A BIKE.  A BIKE ALMOST REPRESENTS CIVILITY'.

    Well said.  Especially these days we need civility and acceptance between races and cultures.  More minorities biking benefits everyone.. 

     While the group prefers trails to roads, they have ridden the B & A to Annspolis the Gwynns Falls Trail, Jones Falls Trail (and a few streets) to Lake Roland, and the NCR to York.  Like many cycling clubs, when the pandemic hit they suspended rides. They resumed group rides in late May, but limited the size to 10 riders.

On Wed, Nov 4 the City resumed working on the washout/dip on the portion of Loch Raven Drive at the start of the climb to reach Providence Rd.  CREWS ACTIVELY WORKING MEANS THAT BIKES CAN NO LONGER GET through THIS washout.  You may recall that the city first closed Loch Raven between Providence Rd and Morgan Mill Rd in early Aug, but didn't make repairs until now.  Bikes could  previously still get through.  But now that the City is actively making repairs, bikes can't get through - at least not on weekdays.  You may be able to get through on weekends, provided crews aren't working overtime.  Once the repairs are completed, access should improve.

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