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I was on a ride by myself last week coming thru Rocks St Pk. I was beginning the climb up Rock Ridge Rd (which is a 2nd back county rd and is about a mile long). As I was about a couple 100ft or so from the bottom which is winding for about the first couple 100ft or so. A pickup truck came up behind and stay behind me behind me until he could see nothing was coming the other way. After we got around the bend I waved him on. He went by me at a extremely slow pace, not much faster than I was going. After he cleared me he went to the right in front of me and he went off the road with his passenger side tires. I thought he was gonna stop to ask me something. Stupid thinking. There were two guys in the truck and I'm sure he passenger was helping him to find a patch of gravel.
He managed to get his rear tire into a patch of gravel, then he put the pedal to the medal and took off. Lucky for me he didn't accomplish to much as I felt next to nothing and nothing hit the bike to do anything. He didn't even get a reaction out of me at all, all he did was waste some rubber and gas. But it could have been much if there were bigger stones or more of them. Anyway the moral of this post is even if a vehicle is passing you very slowly and acting like they have your best interest at heart, be careful, they may have other ideas.     

May-04-19 08:47 pm
Category: Social

The easiest way to prevent this from happening is after you type in all required info is to click "Submit" once and than get up and walk away from the computer or whatever you're using to post your message and come back in a few minutes and it will be posted. If you sit there and look at it you think nothing is happening, so you click again, and again, and again, etc. It's like looking at a pot of water on the stove waiting for it to boil.

Apr-28-19 09:50 am
Category: Technical

Looking to buy a top tube bag. Anyone have one that they been using and like. And is it water repellent as far as the stuff inside staying dry?

The ride is 45 miles and is going to the Amish Market. I should be doing about a 13 pace.

The school is having a Artisan Vendor Market this Saturday so if anyone is planning on leading a ride from there please choose another starting location.

Anyone have one that you might be throwing away about 4.5' long. I just need the inner sleeve. If you have one I will be at the social.

Feb-17-19 06:21 pm
Category: Social

Don't know what happened.


Storytime with Paul Sherwen


The life of Paul Sherwen

Condolences to Paul


Jan-19-19 06:23 pm
Category: Social

Does anybody have a subscription to Fulgaz website for the indoor cycling videos? Please email me at

Jan-03-19 08:34 am
Category: Social

Closed between Providence and Morgan Mill. … ndermining

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