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Dec-29-19 05:26 pm
Category: Social

Wow, very sad news. Anybody know if they caught the ones who did this? Wishing you all the luck Bob.

Dec-13-19 09:14 am
Category: Technical

Good condition, bike was never crashed when I had them on there or has fallen over and has no scratches. Use for about 750 miles. $80. Photos available upon request.

Shifters have been sold. Jim

Sep-22-19 09:25 am
Category: Social

Still didn't work. It works in FF so I'll just use that.

Sep-20-19 02:04 pm
Category: Social

I just found out that New Freedom is having a Train Festival tomorrow from 10:00 to 5:00 so they will most likely be No Parking available, so I'm cancelling.

Sep-20-19 11:34 am
Category: Social

If my problem of unable to add ride to Ride calendar doesn't get fixed today, here is the details Time 9:30 - Start New Freedom Rail trail to Hanover - Rutters convenience store - Distance 50 Terrain Rolling to hilly. 443 982 7098

Sep-20-19 10:29 am
Category: Social

I am trying to add a ride for Sat but it says I'm not authorized, yes I paid my dues. I did just email Steve Zeldin.

Did anybody happen to find a red cycling glove in the 5th district school's parking lot after the ride was over on Gene's ride, Sat 7/13

Jun-29-19 08:39 am
Category: Social

This was posted on Nextdoor's website this morning. This is a very dangerous plant, worst than poison ivy. It has recently been seen growing on Stringtown Rd

Michael West,
Feed Me Seymour!! Actually don't!
Hello Sparks neighbors! ... We have been working with a gentleman from Maryland Dept of Agriculture this morning in identifying some dangerous GIANT HOGWEED in the area. We located a couple plants on the side of the road on Stringtown and then he found hundreds down by the creek near the pipeline clearing. He sprayed the ones he found and he is contacting the people who clear the area because they are unknowingly causing the severely dangerous and highly invasive plant to spread throughout the area. I worry that many are not familiar with the plant. And with so many cycling through the area or with people walking dogs, that someone could be injured if they are not aware of the danger.  If you see the plant growing, DO NOT attempt to remove, please call the number on his card pictured or you can spray with a heavy duty weed killer. This plant can blind you or severely burn your skin, please be safe and pass on this info. (not our pics, just pics from the web to illustrate the danger)

It was posted on the BBC website I think last year or before but since now that it has been seen on Stringtown Rd I thought it should be posted again. … of-hogweed

I was on a ride by myself last week coming thru Rocks St Pk. I was beginning the climb up Rock Ridge Rd (which is a 2nd back county rd and is about a mile long). As I was about a couple 100ft or so from the bottom which is winding for about the first couple 100ft or so. A pickup truck came up behind and stay behind me behind me until he could see nothing was coming the other way. After we got around the bend I waved him on. He went by me at a extremely slow pace, not much faster than I was going. After he cleared me he went to the right in front of me and he went off the road with his passenger side tires. I thought he was gonna stop to ask me something. Stupid thinking. There were two guys in the truck and I'm sure he passenger was helping him to find a patch of gravel.
He managed to get his rear tire into a patch of gravel, then he put the pedal to the medal and took off. Lucky for me he didn't accomplish to much as I felt next to nothing and nothing hit the bike to do anything. He didn't even get a reaction out of me at all, all he did was waste some rubber and gas. But it could have been much if there were bigger stones or more of them. Anyway the moral of this post is even if a vehicle is passing you very slowly and acting like they have your best interest at heart, be careful, they may have other ideas.     

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