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Sep-13-10 09:50 pm
Hit by a car and now driver does not want to cover expenses
Category: Social

I found this website, unfortunately it's in the UK but you might be able to get some ideas from it or advise. Good Luck. Gordon Peltz is a lawyer and a long time cyclist going back into the 70's. … dents.html

Sep-11-10 11:59 pm
A late 1800 cyclist who attempted to ride around the world.
Category: Social

I didn't mean Road Changes, there is no topic for that, I meant Road Problems. Whatever!

This was supposed to be put in Road Changes, have no idea how it got into Ride Changes.

There's an article in today Baltimore sun in relation to cyclist being attached and having their bikes stolen. … s-20100819,0,125332.story

Aug-06-10 10:55 pm
Has anyone done this ride?

Hi Bill, I have a friend that lives in Reston and can email him to find out and will get back to you in a few days or so.

Aug-05-10 03:17 pm
Category: Technical

Size 44.5, hardly used, at the most 175 miles. Cleats included on shoes as well as two new pair of cleats. $120 or BO.

Thank you for pasting this on. Another member posted info on this movie in the past a few months ago and have been trying to find it.

Jul-18-10 10:31 pm
Plan to make Columbia, county highways more pedestrian-friendly
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

A friend of mind (a recent BBC member that some of else know, Ellen Hochman) is looking for someone in the Silver Spring area or within 15 miles north of that area that can host a cyclist either Thursday or Friday night who is riding across country and who also hosted  him at her house Sunday night. Below I pasted the main part of her  email to me and she said if someone is able to accommodate him to email her with the info. Her email address is "" 
or you can email me directly and I can get in touch with her.

I'm trying to find a place for a 23 year old bike rider from Connecticut (who is riding across the US) to spend the night on Wednesday (tomorrow).  His route takes him to the Corbett/Monkton area and it is just the right distance for his day.

He stayed at my house on Sunday night. At a minimum, Ryan can pitch his tent in the yard and have access to the bathroom for a shower and other needs.  If convenient, couch surfing or a guest bed and use of the washing machine would be appreciated - but not necessary.

I can vouch for Ryan.  He was really a very pleasant and appreciative guest.  Camp ground in the NY - Washington region are hard to reach and often quite expensive - so Ryan's other option is to just camp at the side of the road.


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