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Apr-15-20 05:02 pm
Category: Social

Tour de France postponed for 2020.

When I inserted the ride, they were calling for sunny and 50 degrees. That was a push for a very tough ride. They are now calling for 45 and mostly cloudy. I would have kept the ride on if it was 45 and sunny but the bad combination is a little too cold. If there is a 50+ degree sunny Sunday in the near future (almost doubtful), I will post it again. For now, I will do one of the other two ride options posted unless I think of another ride in the next couple of hours.

Sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused anyone. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN UGLY!

The Carroll Manor to Fawn Grove ride is on today, Sunday 8/3/14 at 9AM. There is a small blob of mist from Westminster to Parkton at 7AM. Hopefully, this will dissipate by 9am. I do not see any significant rain over the next few/many hours. I am concerned about the mist!

I will be out there by 9AM with cue sheets.

But-Remember-It's A Gift!


Jul-04-14 06:58 am
Firecracker Cancelled and Rescheduled for Sunday July 6th

Firecracker Cancelled and Rescheduled for Sunday July 6th

Jun-26-13 07:02 pm
The smooth edge is NO MORE!.
Forum: Road Problems

Not with this guy's back! Sue the County!

Jun-16-13 10:33 pm
What a mess
Category: Social

Reminds me of 15 years ago when I was kind of fast. The gang was doing Cycle Across Maryland. It started in Western MD and I was riding away from the group. After the first few days, they took all my stuff out of my large saddle bag and put rocks in it. The next day I still pulled away from the group going up the mountain & got a flat on the downhill. I opened my bag and there were rocks in it and 2 exploded gell packs. I'm standing halfway downm the mountain with a flat, no tubes nor anything else other than rocks and Gu dripping off my fingers. When the gang rode by, they all thought it was funny & laughed their heads off & waived goodbye.

After others (non-friends) helped me, I stopped at a country store & bought a half dozen mouse traps.  I set them up in their sleeping bags while they were at dinner. Some said the next morning that they got nailed with the mouse traps. What I didn't tell them is I got the worst of it trying to set up the traps.

This is the price I had to pay all those years to have so called cycling buddies.  "Are we having fun yet"?

PS-Remember-It's A Gift!

Don't forget to insert Rt 80 in brackets on the cue sheet. I missed it! Didn't know the name of the road was also Rt 80. No mention of the road name at the turn.

Oct-29-12 10:32 am
Estimate Made On October 26, 2012
Category: Social

October 26, 2012

I examined the hurricane in detail. I still think it will hit to our north, a wild guess is Atlantic City (I was originally guessing NY) .  It doesn't matter, either way we get clobbered. There has never been a hurricane like this in weather records that actually angles in so much that it hits the coast at this latitude directly. Even if it misses us & hits to the north, we still will get 60-80 mph winds. It is the perfect scenario for a real mess. We have a strong cold front dipping to our west angling to the east at the southern part & a high pressure to our northeast blocking the hurricane from going out to sea. This will hang around a few days!

So, hold on to your hats, say goodbye to the remaining leafs (& trees). Most of us will lose our electricity for a few days to a few weeks! There is only a 10% chance it will miss us completely. The hurricane winds will cover about 200 miles (900 for tropical storm winds). The important thing to remember is that Baltimore usually only gets a glancing blow from a hurricane since is always comes up the coast or has weakened greatly when it comes up from the land from the south. This one is coming in at a sharp angle from the sea. It is so large in size, it will not miss us. The best scenario we can hope for is to just get tropical winds & only 3+ inches of rain.


PS-Estimate 60-70 mph winds and 6-12 inches of rain (20+ locally).
PSS-Hurricanes are impossible to predict since they act like a spinning top. This one is getting closed in with the other weather systems. Therefore , we can predict this one within 200 miles with a high degree of accuracy! At this time, the European model that has been the most accurate the last few storms has it coming in up the Bay directly slamming just south of Baltimore (worst scenario-hurricanes strongest section is the northeast sector). The US model which has missed the last few storms has the hurricane slamming just south of NY giving NY City the worst hit. I'll stick to Atlantic City. 

Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to "a spinning top"  (I don't do windows or hurricanes).


Oct-09-12 07:36 pm
cue sheet corrections
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Boy, I rode around for about 124 miles before I found my way back.  I knew I should have done Snickerdoodles.


All Pace Long - Some Rides Need Options - 9:00 am - 68/72 mi - Mark & Jennifer (410) 274-8668 (

START: Food Lion - New Market

Moderately hilly. Unbelievable views over valleys. Many roads not taken on other BBC rides.

Est - Ride leader will average 15-16 mph. Jennifer will average 12-13 mph. Take 70W to New Market Exit (Rt 75). R off exit - 1st R (Rt 144) - L into Food Lion parking lot. Allow 50 minutes from Timonium. Try to be at start by 8:50am.

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