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You may get some hints on desirable roads from the RWGPS route on the Delmarva peninsula at Not quite ending in Rehoboth, but you can search for Rehoboth routes on RWGPS to stitch in your destination. I have not ridden this complete route.

Jul-12-20 06:54 pm
Nelson Branch bridge rebuild starting...closing (Hess rd) side of... HUTCHINS MILL RD
Forum: Road Problems

I encountered this today (07/12/20) and was able to nimbly walk and lift my bike around the equipment on this construction site, as it was a Sunday. On other days, riders should consider alternate routes. Anybody know more?

Jul-02-20 09:24 pm
Inquiry for Eastern Shore Cue Sheets
Category: Social

Generous, helpful responses to this query on the BBC Group on Facebook!

Jul-02-20 09:19 pm
Category: Social

oops - not the right thread for my reply

Jul-01-20 09:41 pm
Category: Social

The BBC Flatlands Event routes were meticulously documented in the clubs RWGPS route library - navigate to for a summary from the 2019 event or just look for rides with names beginning with 'BBC FLatlands' in the route library. I rode the metric century about a month ago, and the century at the time of the event last year, and both should be valid. Have fun trading hills for wind!

Jun-29-20 10:02 pm
Inquiry for Eastern Shore Cue Sheets
Category: Social

I am curious if the Kent County Spring Fling routes could be posted in the cue library or Ride With GPS route library. Could be an opportunity for a day trip on the Eastern Shore on two wheels on a trusted route. I am happy to help with RWGPS coding if there are published sheets to transcribe.


I can help you - please contact me at to explore options for the handoff.


Be advised that Utica Park in Frederick County is undesirable for ride start location due to rangers once again harassing bicyclists, even small groups, upon returning to their cars after rides in the areas. A BBC member reported that escalation to the Frederick County Parks, resulted in confirmation of ranger feedback that 'Parking is intended for patrons using the park amenities.' Special use permits are required for group rides (with a 14 day lead time). BBC ride leaders are encouraged to use school parking lots, like Lewistown Elementary and Monacacy Middle School, as well as other locations.

There is a quirk with many Garmin devices that course names are limited to 15 characters in the RideWithGPS course name. Note that the course name is embedded in the file and does not change if just the name of the exported file is changed. It was not possible to load more than one Corn Roast Roast route in my Garmin because the courses were not unique within the first 15 characters.

I took the initiative to edit the Corn Roast course names in the RideWithGPS club library by deleting the 'BBC 2019' prefix in the name, and copying the full name into the course description block. The course links are unchanged. Several of the routes can be loaded in my device in order to make a day of event course decision.

I now recall that this was an issue on Bike Virginia a few years ago. … t-festival

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