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Aug-02-14 10:26 pm
Bike Virginia Tour novelty relevant to BBC?
Category: Social

At the recent Bike Virginia Tour, all of the hydration stations had coolers filled with plain cold water and riders added Gatorade Concentrate using a pump dispenser. (See for reference). It seemed to offer the advantage of keeping the water coolers clean and allowing the riders to customize the strength of their hydration solution. I liked the idea since I got my preferred flavor at the strength I wanted. I am curious about the reactions of other BBC riders who rode BVT. It seems to offer an interesting alternative for rest stops on our CWC event.

On the old web site, when you clicked on a ride in the calendar view, a separate window would open which could be printed on one page. It was nice because it gave all of the ride details in a compact format to print. The new web site gives the same detail, if not more, but I can't seem to figure out how to get a compact print out (spans 3 pages when I use the browser print button).

Otherwise, I like the new webs site look and feel!

With a forecast for the mid 30's to nudging 40 and only light winds, we should get this ride in tomorrow! Dress warmly in layers. Riders may want to bypass the lunch opportunities in Havre de Grace in favor of some hot soup (or ice cream) and post-ride camaraderie at Broom's Bloom Dairy ( - a short drive from the ride start/end.

Riders should note that there usually are port-a-potties at the adjacent Churchville County Park.

Any other updates due to a weather surprise would be posted by 7 am Saturday morning.


A rigorous analysis of the projected temperature rise indicates that it should be just above my personal 'wuss factor' of 40 degress by 9:30 am. Hoping to see a good turnout for what should be some great fall weather!

(Parking behind the signed entrance - not the pavillions)



Consider joining a ride posted at the 10-12 level watching for notes about the terrain. We have been known to give you all the free advice you can stand and we usually sweep rides at that level. If you are not confident about finishing our usual length  ride of 30 miles or so, keep an eye out for the casual rides which get posted occasionally. Our 30 mile 10-12 level rides usually feature a refreshment stop at the mid-point peppered with social banter. Looking forward to seeing you on the road!


current/wink Hmmm.... rain drops on my windshield at ride start time and no riders. Looks like other folks had the good sense to think about indoor options today. You may find me Spinning in the gym this afternoon. Hoping to do this ride another day!

Forecast is for light rain starting between 1 and 2 pm - let's get this ride in!

On today's Union Bridge Pancake Ride, we found Woodvile Road impassable around mile 23 on the 36 mile cue sheet. There are detour sign posted for traffic, but us cyclists can sometimes go where cars can't. The closure is noted on … 559599.pdf where it is noted that the road was closed on August 27th at the intersection of Emerson Burrier Rd. Completion is expected in Spring 2013. Some of us just returned to the start via Liberty Rd. Others tried a diversion vis Unionville and Black Ankle to Buffalo, which seemed satisfactory.

Sep-17-12 11:14 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Thanks to Phil Manger arranging the perfect ride on perfect weather day yesterday! A small group of us 10-12 riders hung together and enjoyed the bucolic countryside, occasionally catching a whiff of the authentic working farm aromas...

Aug-18-12 01:21 am
Problem on New Freedom OHD II cue sheet
Forum: Road Problems

The bridge on Fissels Church Road at mile 15.9 on the New Freedom OHD II cue sheet is out. There is no way to cross the creek - there is a sveral mile detour to get back on the cue sheet. Also, on the same cue sheet, there is bridge construction at mile 25.7 at the turn from windy Hill Rd to Deer Creek Rd - you don't need to cross the creek, but the construction has eliminated any street signs that might have been there to navigate the right turn.

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