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Jul-20-14 09:27 pm
Interest in Starting a Bike Touring Page?
Category: Social

Susan, I’ve only done three short trips so far, and each time, my total baggage (front and rear panniers, their contents, sleeping pad and sleeping bag) weighed 41-43 pounds.  (The bike alone – with empty racks – weighs 31 pounds.)  Many bike tourists go with much less weight, especially for such short trips.  I’m not much of a “weight weenie,” though; my gear is actually reasonably lightweight (it’s all “backpacking” or “ultralight” class) but if I feel like bringing something along, along it comes.

Two of the trips (my first, to Gifford Pinchot State Park in PA; and my third, to Codorus) were hilly once I got off the trails.  The other trip, to Janes Island State Park in Crisfield, MD (from Trap Pond State Park in Delaware) was flat, but with a lot of heat and headwind.  I enjoyed all three trips, and would recommend all three parks. 

At Gifford Pinchot, my campsite was right on the shore of the lake, and very close to the swimming beach.  At Codorus, I was a short walk from Lake Marburg, and my friend and I did a nice 4-mile hike around it while we were there.  At Janes Island my site was also as close to waterfront as you can get.  There’s not much to do at Janes Island, though, unless you are into kayaking or canoeing.  My friend and I had thought we would rent kayaks while we were there, but due to the high winds, the rangers were not letting any rental boats go out that weekend. 

I’m not sure what recommendations I would make specifically to someone “new” – I had done a lot of camping, and a lot of solo bicycling over (sometimes long-ish) routes I’d planned myself, so I didn’t find it *too* daunting when I finally put the two together for the first time.  For me it was mostly about getting confident with riding the loaded bike.  Your ride, I gather, was fairly flat.  If you’ve never ridden your loaded bike up and down any big hills, I’d say give that a short, local try before heading out on a hilly bike camping trip.  I am THE WORST HILL CLIMBER ever, lol, but I made it up all the PA hills but one (my lower back sometimes rebels on long bike rides.)  I just had to be patient with (and plan ahead for) my very slow progress.  Going downhill the first time was a bit scary at first, until I realized, as I let my speed creep up and up, that my bike and gear remained quiet, steady, and rock-solid.

Stuart Bonning’s Virginia overnight bike trip looks interesting, but I will be riding the “24 Hours of Booty” in Columbia that weekend. 

I may have to see if I can sneak away from work for a day or two in September or October; I think I need another bike camping trip! 

Jul-18-14 11:14 am
Interest in Starting a Bike Touring Page?
Category: Social

Hi, Susan, glad to hear you enjoyed your first bike camping trip!  Where did you camp in New Freedom?

For my trip to Codorus State Park in PA, I rode with a friend who lives in Hampden.  I drove to his house, and we rode from there.  I just followed him and can't recall the roads we took (and this was in my pre-GPS days, so I can't recreate the track), but we got ourselves to the NCR Trail in Ashland and rode from there.  About 8 miles after crossing the border onto the York Heritage Trail, the cues were:

L  Owengarry Lane (we actually missed this on the way out; it's just a very short dirt/gravel path that veers off to the left of the trail up a little hill to put you onto ===> )
R  PA 616 North (Seven Valleys Road) .3
L  State Route 3014 (Krebs Road)  3.9
L  PA 516 South (Jefferson Road)  .4
R  Stone Church Road   1.0
R  Main Street  500 feet
L  Creamery Street  300 feet
R  PA 216 West (Blooming Grove Road)  .3
R  Smoketown Road   2.7
L  Lakeview Road   .7
R  PA 216 West (Blooming Grove Road)  2.4

It's PA, so of course there are a few beastly hills on the route once you're off the rail trail; and the park itself is quite hilly.

Neither of us had ever been to Codorus before; when I reserve campsites, I always go for the "tent only" areas in order to be as far away from the RVs and generators as possible.  I was intrigued by the tent-only "Timberdoodle Roughin' It Area"  current/smile on the Codorus campground map, so I got one of those sites.  The maps don't show that to get there, you have to "rough it" down a steep-ish, curving road of large gravel and loose rocks.  current/big_smile  My friend zoomed down it, but I lost my nerve, LOL, and got off and walked.  The site was awesome, though -- huge, fairly level, lots of trees and grass, and very quiet.  Looong walk, back up that gravel hill, to the restrooms, though.

If you're on Facebook and want to "friend" me, I've got a number of photos there from that trip (and also of the trips to Gifford Pinchot and Janes Island.) 

Jul-10-14 09:57 am
Interest in Starting a Bike Touring Page?
Category: Social

Lydia, glad to hear your trip went well!  When I read the ride description ("total distance is 63 miles but only about 15 miles are on paved road, the rest is either gravel forest service road or hard packed rail trail") I had to laugh at myself for thinking "She says that like it's a *good* thing!"  current/big_smile  current/big_smile  Two of my short tours involved long stretches on the NCR/York Rail Trails, which are extremely mild as far as non-paved trails go, and both times I was ready to kiss the asphalt -- no matter how steep it was, lol! -- when I finally hit the road again. 

Maybe I just need fatter tires (I have smooth 32c tires on my Trek 520) -- certainly it is very nice to not have to worry about motor vehicles and to be closer to the trees!  current/smile

Aug-25-13 02:07 am
Interest in Starting a Bike Touring Page?
Category: Social

Lydia Cunningham wrote:

If I can get two other folks to come along.. I will schedule it on the BBC site.  I am good for most weekends in September except 20-21.  Let's aim for the Friday Sept 13- Sat14  or Oct 4 and 5??  That way we don't overlap with CWC or Lancaster.

I've done two 2-night self-supported "bike camping" trips (to Codorus State Park in PA from Hampden, and to Janes Island State Park in MD from Trap Pond State Park in DE.)  My very first self-supported outing (to Gifford Pinchot State Park in PA from mile marker 2 on the NCR Trail) was sort of a S24O (I left in the morning, not the afternoon) -- but an inadvertent one, due to severe thunderstorms on my planned departure date.  I've been thinking I'd like to load up the bike and head out again.  current/smile

I likely can do September 13-14; I definitely can do October 4-5.

Feb-28-13 03:29 pm
Questions about access to Baltimore airport and nearby bike shops
Category: Social

Ed Cahill wrote:

Looking at a Google map of bike shops near BWI, I would opt for either RacePace Bicycles ( or Aviation Velo (formerly Bike Doctor of Linthicum, Race Pace is near BWI in Columbia and I know their mechanics very well-they are extremely reliable.
Aviation Velo is right on BWI's doorstep. I just do not have any personal experience with them.

RacePace Columbia is my favorite area bike shop, particularly for maintenance -- one of my bikes is there right now, getting a drivetrain overhaul -- but, while it's true that Race Pace is "near" BWI, mapwise, it's not easily/pleasantly reached by bike.  Aviation Velo is  very easy to get to by bike.  I've had work done on my bikes there in the past; they do all right.

I'm hoping to intercept you guys along the way -- I've planned a 65-mile ride, starting from the Davidsonville P&R, picking up Bob's route at Muddy Creek Road.  If I figured everything right, I should be moseying into the Subway just ahead of you all.

I'll follow the route most of the way back, until my bailout arrives at Patuxent River Road and Central Avenue.  (Sooner if I have to, but I hope not!)

Terry Harrigan wrote:

It's not a race (just ask Maxine  current/tongue ).

Harsh, Terry!!! LOL! 

Seriously, though, it's a great cause, a unique event, and a real fun time.  We'll post again when we actually get around to forming a team.

Also, if you would like to learn more about the event, and about the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults (one of the local beneficiaries of the ride), come on out to the kick-off party at Looney's in Fulton Tuesday evening. … e=2/8/2011

Four of us who rode last year are planning to be there.

Oct-09-10 05:14 pm
Category: Social

Craig Martin fixed it for me.  Thanks!!!   current/smile

Oct-05-10 06:57 pm
Category: Social

Hmmmm.  I have the "user menu" box, but my only options inside it are "Your Login Details," "Ride Start Directions," and "Log Out."

I was just talking to Gloria on the phone about this and she gave me her ultra-secret, super-powers login  current/smile  current/smile   so I was able to get what I need.

Odd, though.  I feel like the only kid in the class who didn't get the birthday party invite, LOL!

Oct-05-10 06:39 pm
Category: Social

Isn't there supposed to be a way, if you're logged into the Web site, to access an electronic version of the current newsletter?  I can't find it . . .

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